Married Man Magnet

Throughout my adulthood, my female friends have all said one thing…that they each attract a certain type of man. They might be assholes, nerds, womanizers, liars, meat heads, etc. But I’ve never felt like a certain type of man was attracted to me. I understood it in theory, but had never experienced it, until now.

Since my divorce, I’ve discovered that I am indeed preferred by certain type of men. Married ones. When I was married, I had male friends. Some of them were married. Some of them were not. But it never EVER was more than a friendship…always appropriate. No lines were flirted with, much less crossed.

Even though I am single again, nuptial men are STILL totally and completely off limits for me. So what has changed? Why now does it seem like I am a married man magnet? To the best of my knowledge, I haven’t opened any doors that might lead a married man to think that they would have a chance.

I suppose it’s possible that the divorce changed the molecular structure of my DNA, and I now emit pheromones that say, “if you’re married, let’s GET IT ON”.

Case in point: There are currently 2 married men ACTIVELY pursuing me. Single men in the chase? ZERO. Oh wait, there is the 22 year old that technically is ALMOST young enough to be my son. But other than that, my suitors are currently wed.

And it’s not that they are just flirting with me. One of them has told me that I’m his ‘dream girl’. Sweet, and yet creepy, especially in light of the fact that his wife is carrying their fifth…yes FIFTH child. The other has forgone all formalities and come straight out and told me that he’d like to have an affair.

The lesson? There could be a few. Is it that some men are pigs? Or is there a BIGGER picture/lesson: I should be content in my singleness…that marriage is just like everything else…you exchange one problem for another. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll be the wife of one of these charmers. Statistically speaking, I won’t even have to cross my fingers.

So when it comes to my love choices, either I’m a pedophile, or a home-wrecker. I guess I could always become a lesbian.

Steves.jpg wedding rings image by sjn1982

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3 Comments on “Married Man Magnet”

  1. Porty Says:

    Well, hey, look at this way, at least with a married man you know you’re getting someone who was at least able to commit just a little. You know, I’m just sayin’.

  2. meggypoo Says:

    You’re right Porty, I should look on the bright side.

  3. Susi Spice Says:

    hello, 🙂 i havent been in that situation often but it has happened to me a couple of times. Once i actually found out he was married, (read my married men phenomen post) and well i am glad i turned him away. But you are so right single men chasing single women.. ZERO but married men?? its that whole grass is greener syndrome. Little do they know that single girls do NOT want a married man! as for becoming a lesbian… well… what single girl hasnt thought of that, but alas i like to be the only girl with PMS each month in the relationship hehe.

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