Why do I do this to myself time and time again?

Is it because I hate myself? No… It’s because my proverbial eyes are bigger than my proverbial stomach.

It was a combination of the dirt tracked in daily from the garage, and my stupid ass cat peeing on the carpet that made me decide to tile the hallway in the basement. Which then turned into the laundry room as well.

I’m in that shitty place where I’ve demolished/removed everything, so there is no turning back. But I have a ton of work ahead of me.


And I’m pooped… I’ve got nothing left in me. I would  prostitute myself to get someone else to do this. Grrr.

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5 Comments on “S.O.S.”

  1. The Grunt Says:

    That does sound like a huge project. I hope you can get some help. What kind of tile are you putting in?

    I wouldn’t recommend the whole prostituting thing as to get something done. I once thought of doing that to get my truck painted and only surly Mexican dudes were interested. I can’t help that I look pretty.

  2. meggypoo Says:

    Huge as is a huge pain in my ass. And my hands, hamstrings, back, forearms, and pretty much everywhere else on my body. No help for me… sniff :(. I’m putting in 16×16 ceramic tile. But it’ll be nice when it’s done.

    Funny thing is is that I’ve been trying to get the surly Mexican dudes to play ball, but all they can talk about is some guy in a truck. Lame.

  3. Porty Says:

    No help?!?! It’s not my fault you decided to do this while I was out of town. I would have helped. I could have stared blankly at the tiles, commented on how heavy they are and asked for the fiftieth time, “So how do you mix the mud???” I would have been a HUGE help.

  4. mike Says:

    See….all you had to do was say the magic words and I would have flown out to help. Sexual propositions go a long way in soliciting a helping hand. No pun intended on your prostitution ring in getting your floors tiled. 🙂

    Tell you what — you help me paint my livingroom and I will help you tile whatever rooms in your house needing done. Not many italians around my parts that don’t know how to mud. 😛 Only problem is getting Southwest’s “wanna get away” to coincide with Boston to Utah to Boston rates accommodating both our needs. 😉

  5. meggypoo Says:

    Porty- Yes, I’m sure you would have been oh so very helpful. At least you know you would have gotten a good nap 🙂

    Mike- Maybe you should quit your current job and get a new one working for the airlines. That way we could fly back and forth to help each other with our projects.

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