This Month’s Search Engine Terms

And now, this month’s installment of how people find my blog via search engines.

7- “Cars women like dating” – I must admit that I don’t have much car dating experience, but a nice Toyota makes me hot.
6- I’m weird and I don’t like it – You are weird and nobody likes it.
5-“Slap my boobs” – Something I usually request of people.
4- “Why are men so retarded at dating” – If you find out the answer to this question, please, let me know.
3- “I want to be bubbly and not moan” – Don’t we all?
2- “Mom masterbates in front of daughter” & “mother masterbates her daughter” – Once again, I really don’t know what to say about this one, other than I think that there are SOME people who should be forcibly sterilized.
1- “Why do guys masterbate in front of girls” – I’m thinking that maybe I should change my site name from “Megatropolis” to “Masterbatropolis”.

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5 Comments on “This Month’s Search Engine Terms”

  1. Pants Says:

    Someone just found me searching fat “ate an entire pie”.

  2. The Grunt Says:

    I get at least three a day that are searching for an image from the movie “Office Space” as well as various Sasquatch searches and things involving grunting.

  3. David T Says:

    Why is it so hard for googlers to spell “masturbate” correctly? No wonder people don’t find what they’re looking for.

  4. meggypoo Says:

    Zeghsy- Yeah. Exactly.

    Pants- Pie… Mmmm, pie.

    Grunt- I’m pretty sure that it’s your ample body hair that leads people to find you by a Sasquatch search.

    David- Damn these googlers and their faulty spellchecks.

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