Kids These Days

Ah, the sweet delights of summertime… the season of BBQs, family vacations, and good clean fun at the local swimming pool.

This year, for the first time, my little family purchased a summer membership to the local “sports club” (thanks Dad 🙂 ). It’s been nice to be able to load the kids in the car on a whim and head over for a swim.

The other day while soaking in some much needed rays while my kiddies spashed around, I heard the following conversation from a group of 10 year olds.

Lil’ Bastard #1 – “Look at that girl, she’s got some big titties.”
Lil’ Bastard #2 – “Yeah, I love big boob.”
Lil’ Bastard #1 – “Look at how they bounce when she walks.”

It was at this point when I turned around, and said what any loving and responsible mother and woman would do. “Classy. Go somewhere else you little freaks.”

Sunscreen – $8
Summer Family Membership – $169
Hearing 10 year olds sexually harass girls/women – Priceless

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2 Comments on “Kids These Days”

  1. Pants Says:

    Ooo! Free birth control! (As if I need it!) 🙂

  2. The Grunt Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! You totally made their childhood. At least they didn’t say that they swung like pendulums. “Way to keep time, baby!”

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