I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Dog Gone It…

Perspective is a funny thing. Sometimes it comes in the form of a bitch slap from the All Mighty, other times it just sneaks up on you.

I was sick this past week. And as feeling like shit often does, it kind of rubbed off on the rest of me. I remember when I had surgery a few years ago, and how the pain made everything in my life feel much more worse than it actually was. So even though life is relatively good, I haven’t been feeling it as of late.

ANYWAY, my migraine followed by my sore throat and overall YUCK feeling made me a little depressed. Today I couldn’t keep still mentally or physically. My mind and my body were sort of pacing, hoping that somewhere along the destination-less path that I might happen across something that would make me declare “ah ha!”.

It didn’t really happen that way, but I’m feeling a little better. A call from a delightful friend who has become a surprisingly important person in my life helped with a much needed attitude adjustment. My “problems” aren’t really problems so much as they are inconveniences. And damn it, I’ve been told by a very reliable source that in spite of myself, I’m lovable. How can you dispute genius!

Wouldn’t it be funny if I actually had nothing to bitch about and was completely content? I’m sure that I could come up with something to complain about. But in the meantime, and even though sunshine STILL isn’t shooting out of my ass, I’m pretty lucky. Thanks.

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2 Comments on “I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Dog Gone It…”

  1. The Grunt Says:

    I agree 100% that you are lovable and let me know when sunshine does start shooting out of your ass. We’ll go around waking people up at night and freak the hell out of them:D

  2. Pants Says:

    Is sunshine code for bowel movement?

    I think I might fall over dead if everything in my life was perfect and I had nothing to bitch about.

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