Wasn’t There Something Good Like A Train Wreck or Hurricane?

What does it say about our media when one of the “breaking stories” is about Obama’s cold.

According to Inside Edition, “He was coughing. He was sneezing”.

STOP THE FUCKING PRESSES! Obama is ill?!? He has a trifling cold? How could I have made it through the day not knowing about the booger content of a presidential candidate? Because people, this is news. BREAKING NEWS!

What a saint. With itchy throat, boogery nose, and sneeziness, he got out of bed and got to “work”. Well kids, I’m convinced. If he can hit the campaign trail with a cold, he’s got my vote. Although if I hear about McCain’s ability to sit through a meeting while suffering from hemorrhoids, it might be easy for sway me.

Tomorrow I hope to hear all about McCain’s ingrown hair. Or at the very least the beaver sunburn Jennifer Aniston got after sunbathing nude in the Caribbean.

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One Comment on “Wasn’t There Something Good Like A Train Wreck or Hurricane?”

  1. The Grunt Says:

    I wonder if they will sift through his stools to see if there are any irregularities.

    Meanwhile, us regular folk get screwed by insurance companies. Yay!

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