Get Your Own Damn List… This One’s Mine

Here’s the low down:

1- My twins (and babies) started their first day of Kindergarten today. I have NEVER felt sad while taking my kiddies to school. Not when they were in preschool, and not anytime my oldest went off to school. I’m not sure what it was about this day, but I got a little choked up. For like 5 seconds. Now I’m just reveling in 2.5 hours of freedom that I’ll get each weekday 🙂

2- Back with the latest object of my affection. Is it wrong? Is it right? Hell if I know. BUT, a good long talk as well as some self discovery shit caused me to give it another go around. Time will surely tell.

3- My awesome and yet somewhat stupid dog jumped the fence for the first time yesterday. SHIT! Cuz I just KNOW how thrilled my neighbors will be about having a pitbull/boxer running around. He’s super friendly and wouldn’t bite, but still, I can’t have him getting out. Any suggestions (other than a new fence)?

4- I’ve been playing Guitar Hero III the past week. I’m pretty damn good.

5- I have a handful of really great friends. Thanks friends!

6- Every time I play softball, I get some new injury. It’s usually from sliding. Last night I just pulled a muscle in my back. I don’t feel it yet, but I wonder if I’m getting old.

7- My gopher situation, as mentioned in this post, is unfortunately still a situatoin, and worsening by the week. I took a trip to the good old IFA store this weekend and got me some gosh darn gopher poison gas bombs. I used the first one this morning. Breathe in my little gopher friends.

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6 Comments on “Get Your Own Damn List… This One’s Mine”

  1. The Grunt Says:

    Are you going to go all Bill Murray “Caddy Shack” on those gophers? That would be fun to watch. Wear the cammo while you do it, too.

  2. Mike Says:

    Ok — lemme just start off with, we had similar funny ‘goings ons’ this week. Correct my grammar with the lemme or anywhere else and we WILL have issues 🙂

    1st off….guitar hero? I dont know if I should be envious or asking…wtf 😛 you’re not a college kid looking to get laid.

    The fact that your dog ‘jumped the fence’ is him being the same as telling you to say you know what…..’fuck it…lets see what’s out there’. If I get caught and screwed, great….I learned from it and moved on, but I put myself out there.

    You could learn alot from that lil fleabag 😛

  3. Pants Says:

    I suck at Guitar Hero. You need to help me with that.

  4. meggypoo Says:

    Grunt- I’ve yet to see Caddy Shack, but I suppose it’s good to have a goal.

    Mike- Hey stranger. I may not be a college kid looking to get laid, but it doesn’t mean I can’t act like a big dork every now and again. Yes, I probably could learn a lot from my dog. Now if I could only lick my own crotch.

    Pants- I think it’s just repetition and having little of a social life… that’s how I’ve gotten better 🙂 But I’ll G.H. with you anytime.

  5. The Grunt Says:

    You need to check out this Caddy Shack clip then here.

  6. meggypoo Says:

    Lol… that was pretty good. The ball “cleansing” part may have been my favorite.

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