First Half Of My Day

Today I:

1) I lounged around in bed with Pants until we decided to hit my favorite waffle house dive and stuff our guts with vein clogging delights.
2) Returned home and laid around for a little while.
3) Opened a can of whoop ass (while Pants was napping with my cat) on my family room. I’m talking about moving couches and vacuuming, full on dusting… the works.
4) All that work has forced me back to where I started… my bed.


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2 Comments on “First Half Of My Day”

  1. The Grunt Says:

    Beats my day, hands down. I got my flu shot.

  2. Dax Says:

    Two women, 1 cat, giant bed…wow! I believe that’s the basis for nearly all “good” adult entertainment. I hope you filmed it.

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