Without Further Ado

I figured it was time to do a “Search Engine” post… these words and phrases are what bring some to my site, and always make me feel like a perfect Jerry Springer candidate.

10. “Mary Steamvirgin Nude “- Ironic seeing as I don’t even know who she is, and have never posted about her save when I do these stupid search engine posts. And now, writing about it, will bring even more Steamvirgin fans here. Sorry to disappoint :).
9. “nice guys” + “get used”” – Awww… my heart is breaking.
8. “what makes people crazy? Keep reading and you’ll find out first hand.
7. “nice bosomHa! I concur :).
6. “when is it ok to give a blow job…” – Ummm… yeah..
5. “slap me with a white glove” – Just tell me when and where.
4. “poopsie the goose” – The newest childrens book character.
3. “mormon men are assholes” – Enough said.
2. “my children don’t care about their mom” – Welcome to my world.
1. *** For some reason, I think I’ve become the top site when it comes to odd and wrong masturbation practices, which I just DO NOT UNDERSTAND… here are the related searches: “jerkoff in front women“, “mom masterbates dog“, “carly masterbates with brush“, “daughter masterbates“, “mother masterbates“. Ewww. EWWWWWW! I am locking up my kids, AND my dog! And I’m sending all of these people who search using “masterbate” back to school. It’s MASTURBATE!!!

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4 Comments on “Without Further Ado”

  1. The Grunt Says:

    I honestly don’t know what to say. I guess there is one thing I can say. I’m not an asshole:P

  2. meggypoo Says:

    This is true, ALTHOUGH I’m pretty sure it was from a comment of yours that the whole Mary Steamvirgin thing started. But I still like you 🙂

  3. The Grunt Says:

    Heh-heh! I direct the preevert traffic to your blog. That’s what friends are for.

  4. Rockstar Sid Says:

    LOL you rank for without further ado as well 😀 AWESOME!

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