A Welcomed Change

Children are nestled, not yet asleep in their beds. The house is clean. I’ve made the dough for the cinnamon rolls in preparation for the big Christmas morning breakfast. All gifts are wrapped. So before I watch a movie, which will be followed by my Santa duties, I would be remiss if I didn’t say SOMETHING about Christmas and crap like that.

About six weeks ago I was reading over some old holiday-time posts of mine. I expected and fully planned on having the same or similar sentiments this year: “All I know is that tonight my bed feels too big without someone else in it”.

While I will be having some one-on-one time with my ever loving, always awesome bed, things are much different than my 2007 Christmas Eve. At some point I will go into the gory details about my love life, but generally speaking, I’ve met an amazing man who makes me question my previous beliefs about soul mates (that there is no such thing). OK, I may not go that far, but it feels like I was born to kiss this man for the rest of my life. Damn it, if that ain’t romantic, I don’t know what is.

I guess what I’m feeling right now, more than anything else, is gratitude. Or maybe it’s lucky. All I know is that this feels like I imagined it should, but never thought it really would. While it is not without it’s challenges and stresses, it is so totally worth it.

I will be spending the night alone (sans children). But I was able to spend some time with the “man”, along with our collective offspring. We had a nice, child friendly dinner followed by some really bad Wii playing. Tonight more than ever I didn’t want him to go home. But unlike last year, I can with much certainty say that this will be the last night I play Santa by myself. And that my solo bed dates are numbered.

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One Comment on “A Welcomed Change”

  1. The Grunt Says:

    Looks like Santa did remember you after all. Merry Christmas! Now I expect to never hear you bitch or moan again, my dear;)

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