A Smidgen And A Dash

Things at the Mr. & Mrs. “N” household are finally starting to sort themselves out. We’re almost done with the unpacking of my crap and the merging of our combined crap. By no means is it all finished, but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.

While the house seems to be coming together, the meshing of children has been interesting this past week (interesting = the urge to burn myself with lite cigarettes). Nothing has happened that I didn’t expect, but that didn’t keep me from hoping that it would be just like the Brady Bunch and that everyone would love each other and get along. I hear “I hate (insert name)” probably about 3248 times a day. Why can’t we all just get along?! Hopefully the old adage about it getting worse before it gets better is true in this case. If not, there is always Hostess Cupcakes and vodka for breakfast ;).

In my previous married life and in the last 2+ years since, there have been days when I was seriously tempted to drop my kids off at the grocery store and take the next flight to Tahiti. Alas, guilt and this crazy thing called love kept me from doing it. And I now find myself with two additional rugrats. Is it hard? Yes. Is there some serious adjusting on EVERYONES parts? Uh huh. Are there days that I wish I could do my own thing and leave the care and raising of my children to someone else? You betcha. BUT, I never would. I understand that everyone is different and I will never completely understand someone else until I walk in their proverbial shoes, but I just don’t get how a mom can CHOOSE to walk away from her children. It’s just so against everything I feel. After my oldest was born, my one of my closest friends up and left her husband and their 11 month old. I have yet to understand how and why she would do it. When I decided to have children, I felt like I made a promise… a commitment if you will. And despite the hard days, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I think that ten or twenty years down the road, with grown children and new grandchildren, I will be grateful for this opportunity :).

I’m playing volleyball again. As expected, I’ve been bruised and have bled. But I love it, and really enjoy the group of women I’m playing with this year. It’s a welcomed break in my week. And for the first time in my life, I sometimes have a little audience/cheering section!

My back and neck went out the other day. Being in constant pain and discomfort does not a happy Megatropolis make.

Pheobe, my cat, has finally made the move and joined us in the house. It’s nice having her around and has actually made it feel more like home to me. Even though he denies it, Greg is falling deeply in love with her.

That’s what’s going on my my world. What about yours?

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5 Comments on “A Smidgen And A Dash”

  1. zeghsy Says:

    i knew from the age of 5 that i was meant to be a mother. it’s the first memory i have of making a conscious decision. it has been the best thing. i don’t understand how any parent could just walk away. it blows my mind thinking about it.

    congratulations on the new chapter in your life. i’m glad to hear you’re so happy. my new chapter is just beginning. i just wish he didn’t live 1,000 miles away. well, i never said i did things the easy way. 😀

  2. The Grunt Says:

    I knew you had it in you, Supermom!

    As for your cat, it was just away on an intelligence gathering mission.

  3. meggypoo Says:

    Zeghsy- I remember feeling that way too. It IS the best (and sometimes the hardest) thing I’ve ever done. Thank you! And congrats to you! What is 1000 miles when you have love 🙂

    Grunt- Hmmm… I think that the label of Supermom is grossly overstating things. I think something like “MediocreMOM” is a little more appropriate :). You may be right about the whole intelligence gathering thing. It’s all a plot.

  4. G- Says:

    I think you are definitely Super Mom/Wife. Do you really think your husband is really falling in love with the cat, or do you just hope he is?

  5. meggypoo Says:

    G- I appreciate the vote of confidence. And yes, I’m pretty sure he’s falling in love. I’m pretty sure if he could, he’d totally hump her.

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