My Innards Have Been Scarred For Life

It had so much going for it… an almost unending potential:

A sports grill, which is almost like a bar, in St. George, UT. Almost no competition.

A catchy name.

A bunch of big t.v.s all over the place.

An interesting menu.

A pretty good beer (yuck) selection, or so I was told.

How could it possibly go wrong?! It could, and it did.

Unfortunately the reality of it didn’t QUITE mesh with the potential of it. What it DID offer:

A hostess with an I.Q. in the negative numbers, who doesn’t quite grasp the concept of “first come first serve” and “in a timely manner”. And who slaughtered the spelling of my first name in a way that is practically mythical. There was also the server who didn’t actually talk to, communicate with, bring what was ordered, or checked on the customer.

I ordered 2 items. ONE: A strawberry milkshake. What I got? A pina colada-ish drink with a little strawberry something in it. When I let the server know, he came back and told me that they were out of ice cream so they whipped up this little concoction for me instead. Not impressed. TWO: Potato Skins WITHOUT the southwestern “flare”. What I got?


Does this picture bring anything to mind? No, it’s not an illusion. It really does look like a plate of shit. Want to know what it tasted like? A plate of shit with a southwestern flare.

Everyone, let me introduce you to (and steer you away from) PLAYERS SPORTS BAR AND GRILL, where you can take in a game, and walk away with dysentery.

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3 Comments on “My Innards Have Been Scarred For Life”

  1. The Grunt Says:

    Yum! For a second there I thought you were referring to Iggy’s. The deal with Iggy’s is that all the times I’ve been there everyone else I’m with gets great food and service and I get screwed over. So, it’s personal, I think.

  2. Pants Says:


  3. gregassi Says:

    And to think you wanted me to eat some of that.

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