I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

Have you ever had a dream in which you forget about something, like dressing yourself, picking up your kids on time (or even that you HAVE kids), about a test, etc?

I have been plagued by these types of dreams all of my life. Enough that they rarely affect me and I see them as just a semi-conscious manifestation of my subconscious insecurities. Or that I’m just a weirdo.

I KNEW I had my final licensing renewal class today, but somehow it slipped my mind when I woke up this morning. I made it on time, and magically got the kids to the babysitter and school on time, but not everyone was spared… namely the other people in my class who get to be in my lovely au naturale presence. Lucky bastards.

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3 Comments on “I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty”

  1. zeghsy Says:


    love the new banner. 🙂

  2. gregassi Says:

    Did you really forget or just wanted to write something clever to cover up not wanting to get ready?

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