Happy VD – That’s Valentines Day!



What exactly is love?

Is it a feeling? An emotion? A behavior? Is love something you can choose, or does it choose you?

I’m not sure if there is a right or wrong answer. Maybe love is different for everyone, or maybe all of the answers are correct in their own way.

For me, there are different aspects of love. With romantic love, there is that giddy feeling, that fire or spark. But real, true, honest, long lasting love, whether between lovers, family, or friends is something a little more.

I think that everyone experiences loving someone in a different way. One problem with this is sometimes when someone expresses love for you in THEIR own way, and not in the way that you happen to express your love, you may not even recongnize it. Does that make their love for you any less powerful or real? I vote no.

Personally, I’m more of a “do” lover than a sayer. Sure, I say it and express it verbally. But for the most part, I express my love for someone by doing things for them that I think will make their life easier, things that they’ll like, and things that will make them happy. I may not greet you at the door wrapped in cellophane, but I might have the house clean with your favorite meal on the table when you get home.

I probably won’t write you a poem or a song detailing all of the way I love thee, but I might buy you that movie you said you liked and wished you owned. I may not buy you a Rolex or plan a cruise to the Caribbean, but I might organize your tool box or bring out a cold drink to you when you’re mowing the lawn. I WILL not sing a song to you in public, but I will scratch your back until you fall asleep.

With my kids, I show my love for them by volunteering in their classrooms, baking cookies with them, leaving them little notes telling them how great I think they are, or picking up treats for them when I’m at the grocery store.

I definitely could work on recognizing love when it comes to me in different ways. And I guess my love might be seen as a little boring, but it’s just the way I roll.

Here’s hoping you have a Valentine’s Day filled with love!

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