Today is my dad’s birthday. I think he’s 68 (it’s weird how I’ve forgotten the exact age of my parents and siblings as I’ve gotten older). He’s one of greatest people I know. And here’s why:

  • Even though he hates them, he bought me a cat when I was 5 because I wanted one so bad. Followed by fish, a turtle, a dog, and then a rabbit.
  • When I was in elementary school, he quit his job for 2 years just to be with his kids more. He felt like he was missing out on us growing up. I absolutely loved coming home from school to both of my parents.
  • After the first Whitney Houston CD came out, he danced with us for hours. I think he even tried a handstand.
  • He made it possible for me to buy my first house.
  • I spent 3 weeks with him one summer, no other kids. I know I’m his favorite.
  • I think that all of his children think that they are his favorite.
  • When I turned 10, he took me (and the other daughters on their 10th birthdays) to La Caille. I still have wonderful memories of that Daddy/Daughter date.
  • He is THE BEST story teller EVER! Of course some gave me nightmares, and others got me in trouble at school. But he would entertain us for hours with his creative tales. And now he spends hours upon hours telling my son and the other grandkids awesome stories.
  • During his 2 years off of work and when I stayed home sick from school, he took me to see ALIENS.
  • He taught me how to drive when I was 14. And he’s let me drive all of the cars in his collection any time I’ve wanted to, from the Corvette to the Mercedes. Even when I was only 16!
  • I’ve saved thousands of dollars because he’s my personal repairman. He’s fixed everything from sprinkling systems to vacuums to toys. He’s a handy guy to have around.
  • I am the handiest girl I know because of him. While my siblings were off doing other things, I helped him around the house. I learned how to do simple electrical work, plumbing repairs, construction, proper painting techniques, etc. Together we’ve: Put in 2 separate sprinkling systems, remodeled a couple of bathrooms, put in sinks and disposals, built a playhouse/slide for my kids, etc. We’re quite the team.
  • We have a very similar sense of humor. He’s the only dad I know that will flip off his own child, and laugh when his kids give him the bird.
  • He took me shopping to find the perfect dress.
  • Whenever I was sick or scared, he’d hold and snuggle me back to sleep. I’ve always felt safe and invincible while under the protection of my dad.
  • I have great memories of him taking us on fun hikes and exploring St. George.
  • Along with my mom, my dad has made it possible for my youngest son to absolutely blossom and come back to me. They have changed his life, as well as my life and the life of my family. I can never repay them for their generosity.
  • He has always been there to love and support me, even when I’m an idiot. I have never questioned his love for me.

Those are just a few examples of the awesomeness that is my dad. He has always been an example of honor, selflessness, integrity, and honesty to me. I’ve heard people say this about their dads, but I really do mean it and know that it is true… I couldn’t have asked for a better father. Thanks Dad, and… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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3 Comments on “MY DAD”

  1. The Grunt Says:

    Your dad sounds awesome.

    You know, my dad also let me drive cars from his collection: A 1984 Plymouth Reliant;)

  2. meggypoo Says:

    I didn’t mention the 1965 Chrysler Imperial that I was forced to drive for one year. Talk about humbling. It is the biggest car in the history of cars (or pretty close to it). And there was also the 1977 Buick. That was a sweet ride… every high school girls DREAM! But hey, they ran, so I can’t complain.

  3. gregassi Says:

    Your Dad is awesome, I have enjoyed getting to know him better.

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