What A Relief

Occasionally I’ll have moments when I think about past friendships and romances. For the handful of relationships in which ties were severed and there is no longer contact, there is theme: I have absolutely NO regrets of it ending when all is said and done. It ends up being a relief more than anything else.

Although there have been different people, circumstances, reasons why it ended, etc., I can’t honestly say that I miss any of these people. It’s usually not until it’s over that I can see how much they sucked energy out of me, or just sucked in general, and my life is much better without them. This would have been a nice realization a few years ago. It could have saved me from worrying so much and trying too hard.

The moral of the story? There is no need to worry about the what, why, and how. In the end, whatever happens, you’ll be better off. The relationships worth saving WILL be saved. The others? It’s best to lop ’em off like a gangrened pinkie toe. It will feel like 220 lb. of dead weight being lifted off of your shoulders.

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2 Comments on “What A Relief”

  1. gregassi Says:

    Great advice! So true!

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