Todays Ramblings

  • I’m pretty sure that I saw Kenny Rogers today. I was taking my kids to school, and he was driving a Chevy Malibu. Definitely Kenny Rogers.
  • Do you think it’s kosher to ask the parents who day after day, ignore the line of cars (in which other parents wait patiently to drop off their kids) and butt in line, to fight me in a cage with medieval weapons?
  • Why does Crystal Light make me have to pee so much?
  • It’s funny how many times a 3 year old can say I love you and I hate you within a 5 minute time period.
  • My ganglion cyst disappeared on it’s own. Yippy!
  • Today I was lucky enough to not only receive and email from the last man I dated before my husband, but also ran into one of my worst blind dates. Lucky me :).
  • Someone needs to tell Mother Nature that it’s time for her to break-up with winter.
  • Michelle Pfeiffer not only spells her last name funny, but she also screams A LOT in the movie What Lies Beneath. And Batman.
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One Comment on “Today”

  1. The Grunt Says:

    I’m loving the randomonium here.

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