Your Day Just Wouldn’t Have Been The Same

What would you do without my inconsistent and yet TOTALLY fascinating and enlightening life updates? I don’t want to find out the damage THAT could cause so, here you go:

  • As of last night, I’m back in the swing of volleyball. I was looking oh so forward to it. Summary of the game? CRAP! I played like crap. My teammates all played like crap. It was sort of fun, except for all of the crap. 0 of 4 games is how well we did. Sigh… I hope we can redeem ourselves next week.
  • I had a few weeks without pain and then BAM! My neck and back got screwed up yet again! It usually only happens a few times a year. I guess I’m just lucky. A fairly new addition to my deformity is that my left shoulder hurts like a mo-fo. And when I say hurts I mean the pain is so bad I can barely use the damn thing. Last night it was so bad that I couldn’t sleep, and ended up getting up at 3:30 am to ice it. I propped my arm/shoulder and finally fell asleep with the ice bag on it. 3 hours of ice makes for one cold shoulder.
  • I can think of better ways to be woken up in the morning than to the sounds of your son throwing up. Ugh.
  • I’m LOVING this weather. And it’s supposed to be 70 on Saturday… the day I’m having my sons family b-day party. PERFECT!
  • I’ve been having spurratic bouts of nausea lately. NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT (no, it’s not even possible). It’s really getting annoying being fearful that I’m going to hurl every time I brush my teeth.
  • Last night was a first, and not the best first. I’m hoping it was also a last.
  • Just an FYI… I would not recommend renting a home to your ex, unless you hate yourself.
  • This morning was SUPER productive for me. I: went to the bank, went to the storage unit to make a payment, started AND finished shopping for my sons b-day (which required a visit to 3 different stores), got the car emissions done and then renewed the registration, and registered my eldest for baseball. In less than 2 hours! Luckily walking into the less than perfectly clean house humbled me.
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