Stuff has happened and I do have things to write about, but have felt oh so unmotivated to do it. In addition to my lack of drive, I’m not feeling like my normal witty and charming self. Get ready to be only moderately entertained.

The girls retreat this past weekend was a success! At no point during the trip did I ever experience hunger. I think I ate my weight in food, and I often felt like I had just eaten a brick. Good times. I had a wonderful massage and pedicure, and only lost one game of cards. I also watched a few movies, and as always, enjoyed catching up with the women in my family.

Emma lost one of her front teeth. The resulting lisp is pretty dang cute. This photo was taken first thing in the morning, when she excitedly told me about the $1 left under her pillow by the Tooth Fairy.


It snowed last week, and again this weekend, and lo and behold, it’s snowing right now. I wish that Utah would make up it’s mind. Spring? Winter? Spring? Winter? Let me help you out… SPRING!

We enjoyed celebrating my oldest child’s 9th birthday with family. Thanks to those who helped us totally PARTY!

I went to the Blue October concert last night. It was amazing! The venue was cozy and intimate, the band sounded great, and I was with my favorite person of all time. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Last but not least, and this is an announcement that I was going to wait on, but figured what the heck… people will know soon enough. I’m pregnant!

Not. April Fools :).

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2 Comments on “Hi”

  1. The Grunt Says:

    Drat! You used my April Fool’s joke.

  2. Pants Says:

    I was worried for a second there!

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