*#&@ Your Excuses

I’m sure it has a lot to do with the way I was raised. My parents were very loving and forgiving, but also held us to very high standards when it came to taking responsibilities for and being accountable for our actions. More so than most of my friends parents.

As an adult, it never ceases to amaze me how many “victims” I’ve come across… how many people, who seem rational and sane, blame their crappy situations on others.

Life can be hard, but everything, good and bad, is always a consequence of a choice that we’ve made. It’s not about “fault” per say, it’s just realizing that the road taken is what has lead you where you are. And there is ALWAYS a choice, or a road. You many not like the options you have to choose from, but there are choices none-the-less. Yes yes, I realize that there are times when shiz happens and is beyond your control. But how you react to the situation is what you do have control over. It IS the choice. It can’t stand it when someone complains about their oh so rough life but refuses to see how they contributed to the situation.

One of my favorite movie quotes is from Cold Mountain :

RUBY: “They call this war a cloud over the land. But they made the weather and then they stand in the rain and say ‘Shit, it’s raining!'”

I guess not everyone can be as enlightened as I am ;).

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3 Comments on “*#&@ Your Excuses”

  1. girlsnap Says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

  2. Pants Says:

    Cold Mountain was so unbelievably miserable I wanted to die by the time it ended.

  3. meggypoo Says:

    Well yes, it may have been less than warm and fuzzy, but damn it, the line is good :);

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