Why I’m irritated, and in no particular order:

  1. Everyone (except me and one child) is sick. And not just a little trifling cold. I’m talking about one kid who has the croup that requires breathing treatments with a nebulizer, and others who have the flu that has them puking up their guts (I won’t mention the other bodily fluids involved that will require months of therapy to recover from). I’m happy that I’ve seemed to escape unscathed, but it is all getting a little old. I feel like my house is infested with germs (which might explain why I scrubbed the entire bathroom floor with a toothbrush yesterday). I wish I had the luxury of dropping my kids off with someone when they are sick and let that “babysitter” take the crappy shifts, or even for an hour or two just so I could have a break to work out or get a pedicure. A mom can dream :). But then I guess I wouldn’t be much of a mom if I did that. It’s all part of the job, and when it comes down to it, even with the difficult times, it’s worth it :).
  2. I am a dog lover, but haven’t wanted to adopt a canine friend since my beloved Gator and I went our separate ways. Surprisingly, my animal despising husband has been wanting a dog for awhile now. I’ve held out for quite some time, but I now have the “bug”. But I’ve taken my time. I’ve done my research. I’ve wanted to wait until I found what seems like the perfect dog for our family. I felt like, for once, my patience paid off. After over a month of searching online, I found a dog through a local rescue group. Awesome, huh?!? Yeah, except it’s been one *^&@$ week which has entailed a number of phone calls (although I left only 2 messages), as well as 2 emails, and I have not heard back. Nothing. NADA! FYI… if you’re going to run an animal rescue group, putting up adorable pictures of pooches and writing descriptions that pull on the heartstrings of animals lovers such as myself, begging them to adopt and support homeless pets, it might be a good idea to actually let people adopt the animals, OR return a phone call or email. Stupid meanie heads.
  3. Qwest sucks. Except for the lone customer service woman who actually helped me and fixed the problem. To the rest of you, SUCK IT!

Why I’m not irritated and rather content:

  1. I’m not sick.
  2. I just saw WICKED with my wickedly awesome stallion of a husband last night. It was wonderful.
  3. I live in a nice home with a great family, in a country where I can walk down the street and feel safe, and don’t worry about how I will feed my children or myself. In the scheme of things, I’m pretty dang lucky.
  4. I spent about 15 hours, collectively, in a swimming pool this past weekend and even have a bit of a tan to show for it.Life is good.
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