How Does Your Garden Grow

I’ve always loved digging in the dirt and doing yard work. When I was younger (11 or 12?), I started doing the majority of grounds keeping at my house. My parents were not huge fans of yard work, so I mowed the lawn, weeded the beds and planted flowers for my mom. It was a win-win situation… I got to do something I enjoyed AND got paid for, and my parents were saved from the dreaded chore.

My love of getting dirty continued into my adulthood, and I’ve had pretty good luck with the annuals, perennials, and trees that I’ve planted. That being said, I’ve never had a garden. I’ve always wanted one, but for one reason or another, it’s something that didn’t happen.

With my recent nuptials and subsequent moving, I’ve inherited a nice, even fenced, little patch of dirt in which to make my dreams a reality. My hubby planted a garden the previous year, but I sort of adopted the thing and was able to put my own little touch on it… meaning that I pulled out the old crap, weeded, prepped the soil (with a little help), and planted the veggies and herbs this year.

A couple of the old herbs came back, so I just added a few that I thought I’d actually use. Cilantro, parsley, additional shallots, and some sweet and lemon basil are the new additions to the herb portion of the garden.

In the vegetable garden, we started from scratch and planted about 7 varieties of tomatoes, 9 varieties of peppers (ugh… that’s all for Mr. N), a few cucumber plants and some strawberries.

I’m excited to see how it all turns out and what, if any, the “fruits” of my labor will yield this summer. It’s pretty exciting stuff! I think I’ll take a few pictures every couple of weeks just to keep track of how everything is growing (or not growing). Wish me luck!

gardenThe garden, in all of it’s glory

tomato One variety of tomatoes

herbsThe herb garden


parsley Cilantro                                                                                Parsley

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5 Comments on “How Does Your Garden Grow”

  1. Carla Says:

    Jeff does our garden so talk to him about what he likes to plant. I do all the flowers, trees and bushes. It is a nice even trade. Can’t wait to pick something out of your garden and eat it (no peppers for me either…ewwww)

    See you soon.

  2. meggypoo Says:

    I’ll save you some good tomatoes or cucumbers (hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself). Yes, we’ll leave the peppers to those who appreciate them 🙂

  3. Celeste Says:

    I am excited to see how your garden turns out. Last year we planted a garden and couldn’t keep up with the weeds. This year we have already gotten off to a better start. We planted tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, carrots and peas. I can’t wait to watch your garden grow. 🙂

  4. meggypoo Says:

    Carrots! THAT’S what I should have planted as well. I guess we’ll have to “borrow” some of yours :). Yes, it’ll be fun to watch our little gardens grow up to become big gardens and make us so proud.

  5. […] 15, 2009 by meggypoo In May, I planted my first garden, which I documented in this exciting post. There hasn’t been a day (except when I’ve been out of town) that I haven’t spent […]

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