L to the P – Part I

This past week was a very full, awe inspiring, and interesting one. SO incredibly full that I think I’m going to cover it mini-series style. Yeah, it’s that exciting. Welcome to Part I.

Getting ready for a trip… especially one to Lake Powell… is a project in and of itself. There’s a lot of preparation and a ton of crap that needs to be packed, even for only 2 people. And this year Mr. N and I had some other fish to fry around the same time as our departure. You know the type of thing that loom over you for months and even though you feel OK about it, you’re really not sure how things will turn out? So all the while there is this shadow that sort of casts itself around you all of the time? Sure, you can have fun, relax, and enjoy life, but in the back of your mind you are conscious that there is something out there that has to be settled? After months of waiting, on Wednesday the “thing” was resolved and worked out pretty well. Other than some ridiculous drama of a completely different source and nature (that still causes me to squint and shake my head in confusion from time to time), we were able to head south happy and carefree.

We arrived at the lake Thursday afternoon, and although it was a little overcast, we did get some nice sun and the temperature was wonderful. After settling in at the houseboat, we hopped back out on the ski boat for some tubing, rodeo style. It was a blast! And we have the bruises to prove it.

After dinner, games and a movie, we all went to bed. Have I mentioned that I love sleeping outside under the stars? I do. But not when it’s raining sideways. Mr. N and I were the first to abandon sleeping up on the top of the houseboat and headed inside. Even though it was covered, it did little to keep out the rain. Everyone followed suit at some point during the night. Quite the adventure :).

It rained quite a bit over the next 2 days… a pesky habit of Lake Powell over the Memorial Day weekend. But, as you’ll see in Part II, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

To be continued…

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