L to the P – Part III

Saturday proved to be the wettest day on the Lake which isn’t always a horrible thing, but there are only so many card games that a group of 16 can play. So when Mr. N and I announced that we were going to attempt to find the elusive (OK, we just didn’t know where it was) “arch”, everyone decided to join us. After only 100 ft. or so from the houseboat, the dark sky opened up and it started to drizzle… again. But the temperatures were nice and the coolness of the rain actually make the trek very pleasant, although a little slick over the rocks.

It only took about 30 minutes for us to see some very beautiful sights, and the rain allowed us to see them in a way that very few people ever do. I don’t see many L.P. visitors saying “hey, the sky is black and it’s raining outside… let’s go for a hike!”. We didn’t see any other campers even come out of their boats or tents. BUT, it would prove to be their loss.


I have done a little hiking around this area before… like 20 years before. While I remember it being a nice excursion and quite pretty, it paled in comparison to this time around. The wet rocks made the colors breathtaking. And as the water began to run, I can only describe the waterfalls coming off of the canyon cliffs as spectacular. The pictures do not do it justice (partly because for some odd reason, everyone in our party had “issues” with taking their $1000+ camera’s out in torrential downpour. Weird!).




After hiking between 45 to 60 minutes, we finally saw it. The arch. At first it looked like any other arch, but as we got closer, the view became more and more amazing. I can’t even attempt to capture the sight with words, suffice it to say I will never forget the awe I felt when I took it all in. We crossed the arch and hiked up behind it to the many pools and waterfalls. All of the kids (not ours… everyone elses) and I enjoyed the mini-cliff diving and natural pool swimming.




On the hike back it began to REALLY rain (as in not one article of clothing on anyone was dry), so we high tailed it outta there. About 15 minutes from the houseboat, I came within about 6 inches of stepping on a baby rattlesnake. THAT was exciting (and I’m sad I didn’t get a photo of it… stupid rain). In hindsight it probably would have been better if I had stepped directly on it rather than corrected myself mid-step and planted my foot to the right of it. That way I would have squished it and it wouldn’t have been able to strike. Luckily the coolness of the day put the little sucker in a semi-conscious state and slowed the sucker down. I escaped unscathed, at least physically :). I couldn’t help play out in my head what could have happened if it had bitten (how would I have hiked out, gotten medical care in time, etc). And the memory of my little niece who survived a rattlesnake bite only a year ago is still fresh in my mind. LUCKY!

Anywho, the rest of the trip went well. We headed home Sunday afternoon and minus the horrible car accident we happened upon and the crazy hail storm we were caught in, the drive was uneventful :). It was nice to have a night home alone to unwind, and it made the reunion with the kids the next day that much better.

All in all, I would have to say that this trip is definitely in my Top 5 ever. Thanks Carlie & Damon, and thanks Mr. N for making it such a memorable vacation!

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One Comment on “L to the P – Part III”

  1. Sarah Bisel Says:

    Rattlensnakes bite! I am glad he didn’t get you. Sounds like a fun trip….wet, and fun. I hop you had a super great birthday, full of family drama, and wonderful attention.

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