Weekend Excursion

This past weekend Mr. N and I traveled to Moab with our dog, Jake, and our friends Dave and Sarah (who brought Maggie, their adorable and fun puppy with ungodly sharp teeth 😉 ).

Some of the highlights of the trip:

  • Two amazing hikes. One to Cable Arch and another to an arch whose name I can’t remember. But it was delightful :).
  • Pushing, pulling and lifting 2 dogs up a couple of small cliffs. Getting them down took some creativity and plain old brute force. Sorry that we pushed you off the ledge Jake… we terrorized you for your own good.
  • Meals that were too good to be enjoyed while camping (mainly due to D & S. THANK YOU!).
  • Dogs covered in dust and dirt, which then became mud, which then evolved into just wet, which came full cycle back into dust).
  • A fun, even if not fully completed, drive through beautiful canyons.

There is a lot more I could write and go into great detail about, but I’ll let you enjoy some of the pictures and leave the details for my memory.

It was a wonderful weekend. Not only did I get to see some of the most amazing sites Utah has to offer, but I was also able to spend some much needed time with my hubby AND our awesome friends. I am pretty lucky to have “inherited” such great amigos when I married Mr. N. A definite thumbs up.

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One Comment on “Weekend Excursion”

  1. The Grunt Says:

    I want to go there now. Cool!

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