July And Stuff

This past month has been kind of a whirlwind of activities and I have NOT been very good at keeping up with posting about them. Since I’ve been so good at blogging in “list” form, here goes another one:

  • We’ve had more water fun and BBQ get togethers with friends. FUN STUFF!
  • One of my good friends threw a b-day party for herself and I feel a little (lot) guilty about how she spoiled all of US, her friends. On her birthday. We spent a night at the Zermatt hotel in Midway. She treated us to dinner, a balloon ride at sunrise, a yummy breakfast, and a 4 hour boat rental at Deer Creek. And I can’t forget all of the great conversation and laughs. Yeah, it’s nice to have friends with money, but her friendship is priceless and I had a blast hanging with the girls.
  • The twins and I found ourselves on our own and took the opportunity to hit Cowabunga Bay… a local “neighborhood” water park. It was a little expensive but perfect for the younger kids. It’s something we definitely need to do with our pack of 5.
  • Wednesday of last week we took the whole family (joined by my entire immediate family) to southern Utah. Our first night was spent in Moab, where the kids all had fun swimming at the motel pool and reconnecting with their cousins. Early the next morning went on a river rafting trip down the Colorado River. It was SO much fun and the kids all loved the rapids (which were so not rapid, but fun none-the-less). We then spend the rest of the week/weekend in at my uncles ranch in La Sal, UT for a family reunion. It had been quite a few years since I’d seen all of my family and it was nice to catch up. There is something so different about being on a ranch. The kids were able to roam free and we parents didn’t have to worry about them being hit by cars, getting kidnapped, etc. Plus, there were about 60 kids there and there were plenty of playmates to be had. I’m so thankful to my awesome aunts and cousins for preparing many fun activities and crafts for the kids. I think this was a family vacation that we’ll all remember and be grateful for.
  • My kiddos are involved in a swim camp and seem to love it. And I can’t complain about the few hours of free time that I get. Yahoo!
  • The youngest of our clan is having her tonsils out on Wednesday. No fun for anyone.

I’m sure I’ve left out key things but it’s better than nothing (at least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself). I’m off to attempt to finish the laundry that vacationing with 7 people for a week has blessed me with.

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