It’s Finally Over

You know those weeks that you wish you could just by-pass? Like fall asleep on Sunday night and wake up one week later? Well, this week was one of those.

We had 2 birthday parties to throw, a tennis tournament, swim camp, kids kids kids, and all of the crap in-between.

The first party was for three of the kids who all happen to be turning 7. My twins plus my step-daughter, Alex. What are the odds that 3 out of 5 kids would have a b-day within a week of each other? It’s like having triplets. SWEET! On Wednesday, we had a pretty large family party. It was a lot of work getting the yard, house, and food ready, but it went off without a hitch. Great food, great company, and it was nice to visit with the adults and watch the 10 kids who were there having a blast.

For Alex’s friend party today, we had planned this big water extravaganza. Mr. N and I even drove to St. George to get and borrow my parents big double water slide. Of course this summer has been hotter than hell except for the one weekend we need it to be warm. It’s been like 95 at 8 pm at night, but today only a high of 70? 70! By Friday we realized that we needed to come up with Plan B, and fast.

I searched the web for some easy and hopefully fun games along with pulling out some oldies but goodies from my memory bank. I had serious fears that this party might be forever known as the lamest birthday party ever. BUT, it was great! The kids loved the games as well as the crafts. It’s crazy how entertained and happy kids can be playing with pipe cleaner and beads.

I’m finally sitting down for what feels like the first time in weeks and am able to take a deep breath and relax a little. We all survived the week and in hindsight, it really was a wonderful 7 days of celebration.

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