And Deep Breath Out…

It’s been quite a month, which is my (valid!) excuse for my lack of posting the past few weeks.

We’re down-shifting from the crazy remodeling/fixing up the house phase, which I am not complaining about. Most of what we wanted to do is done AND it looks like we may be holding off listing the house for a little while… something that is bitter sweet to me.

School is keeping the kids as well as myself busy. In a few days I will begin the “Art Awareness” program that I volunteered for (if volunteering means that I didn’t get the whole story when I agreed to help out, but once found out what was really involved, felt too guilty to back out). This on top of my regular volunteer schedule means that I’m becoming well acquainted with the layout of the weirdly designed school that mirrors a perfect corn maze. Guess that’s a plus.

After a minor “surgery” (and I use that term loosely) and the antibiotics I was required to take, my stupid cold, which I think was a sinus infection, that hung on for almost 6 weeks finally resolved. SWEET!

I’ve been able to begin training for a short race in Moab in a few months. It feels good to be moving again, although my stupid shoulders might not agree. I’m taking the “screw it” approach to dealing with the pain.

Jake, our beloved dog, has been keeping busy getting into the garbage as well as digging holes. Ah, to be a canine.

Much more has happened. Drama. Blood. Sweat. Tears. Vomit. As well as other exciting things, but some things must remain untold. And I’ve got some Halloween decorated to do! Adios.

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