Round 2

Remember my resolve to take one child each month and spend an evening with them doing something of their choice? If not then you should read here or even here (did I forget to post about Emma’s date? Hmmm.).

The other night was the end of round 2 of me taking all of the kiddies out for their special “date” night. Cooper, the youngest, even if it IS only by 2 minutes, is the last in the rotation. He chose to go to Cheese Cake Factory for dinner, which is something he’s talked about since I took Ian there about 6 months ago. He said it was better than he had even imagined. Oh to be a kid again and feel exhilaration caused by the little things.


The original plan was to go to Boondocks after dinner but last-minute he decided that Nickelcade would suffice (since he really was most interested in Air Hockey). Sure it’s slightly disgusting and 1/4 of the games are out-of-order, but you can’t beat the price. AND they do have hand sanitizer conveniently placed around the arcade. Screw Boondocks. Plus, it’s insane how long $4 in nickels will last you. Towards the end I was just shoving nickels in random machines to use up our supply.

After about an hour and a half, Cooper cashed in his tickets for some really stupid shit delightful things — a Whoopee Cushion and two lollipops. SIDE NOTE: The lollipops were for Emma and Ian. Cooper thought it would be nice to bring them something from our outing. He is SO DAMN SWEET!

Like I’ve said before, my alone time with the kids is rare and as always, I really enjoyed the evening. Cooper is such a fun and loveable kid… it’s hard not to have fun with him.

In honor of my two Emma “date nights” that for some reason I failed to post (I swear I wrote a post about at least the first one… I even remember downloading the photo! It must be a plot against me), here is a super fast recap. She is goofball and I couldn’t ask for a more helpful or caring daughter.

Date #1: Swimming and I-Hop:

GetAttachment GetAttachment-1

Date #2: Dinner downtown and the Miley Cyrus concert:


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2 Comments on “Round 2”

  1. lorrie Says:

    Special Dates with your kids! Excellent idea. They seem to be enjoying it too. A Concert! You brave mother;)

    We do the same, and have been for years, but it seems that the older they get, the less they want that so we spread those family dates with the teens over the course of the year to fewer days –sadly. But the younger kids (we have four) love it. Last weekend I took my two younger ones to see the movie “where the wild ones are.” they laughed, and were scared, and almost cried too.

    Enjoy your family time. Thanks for posting;)

  2. G- Says:

    You are a great Mom!! The kids love you and will always remember these date nights.

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