Hi There

It’s been awhile. And now it’s been so awhile that I don’t know how to catch up.

I missed my yearly “Thanksgiving” post. Which isn’t to say that I’m not thankful, it’s just been a little crazy around the Nickel bunker.

I had surgery on my right rotator cuff about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have photos that I may or may not post later, but now you know one of the big “whys” for me not posting. I can barely type and I’ve been pretty zapped of energy since the surgery. The entire procedure and process has been a little more difficult than I expected. I didn’t realize HOW painful it would be and how little I would be able to do. There is always pain, but the level varies. Sometimes it’s completely tolerable and other times it agonizing. But I faith that this will improve things for me and my troublesome right shoulder. I also need to thank my wonderful hubby for taking such good care of me, the house, and the kids. I have been unable to pretty much to anything and he’s been forced to pick up the considerable slack. So thanks sweetie… you’re the best! Also, thanks to my mom and dad for taking care of me for a few days and also to my friends who brought dinner. I cannot forget my friends who helped out with the kiddies and friends who gave up the “good” room this weekend so that I would be more comfortable.

Our family joined my family in St. George to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was a nice getaway and the kids loved getting together with their cousins. There’s nothing like constant playmates.

This past weekend Mr. N and I headed to Moab with a couple of friends for a 10k. I was supposed to run but was unable due to my shoulder, so I cheered them all along at the finish line and took some really bad pictures. Everyone did very well and I’m proud of Greg who came well in under his goal time. Nice job sweetie! Our friend Jeff came in 25th overall (WOW!) and the ladies in our group also beat their goal times. EXCELLENT everyone :). It was a really nice weekend.

I’m going to end the “catch-up” there seeing as this is taking me forever to type it all out. The next few weeks will consist of me trying to get ready for Christmas (which is coming up sooo fast).

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2 Comments on “Hi There”

  1. The Grunt Says:

    Ouch! That is one thing that I am glad I have not had to have done to me.

    Thanksgiving in St. George sounds real good.

  2. Carla Says:

    Sounds like you have some really awesome freinds. 😉 Call me if you need anything!! xoxo

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