Awesome and Not-So-Awesome

AWESOME: Getting together with a gaggle of friends for a “Christmas Cookie Exchange” party. What is a Christmas cookie exchange party you ask? It’s a bunch of women getting together to visit, catch up, laugh and just enjoy each other’s company. But we don’t come empty handed. Oh no. We show up with 6 dozen cookies that we’ve made, and then all share the bootie. Cute snowman platters were provided by our wonderful hostess, and we filled our huge plates with cookies to bring home and, if desired, share. It was great!
NOT-SO-AWESOME: Having a dog, Jake, whom I love, eat the ENTIRE f’ing platter of cookies when  I went to pick the kids up from school the day after the cookie shin-dig. THE. WHOLE. PLATTER. We’re talking about 40-50 cookies. Maybe 5 lbs. of cookies. When I saw what he had done, I quickly went from pissed to terrified. Because what goes in MUST come out, and I didn’t know how, where, or in what form the “out” would rear it’s ugly (and potentially disgusting and vomit inducing) head. He spent the good part of the afternoon outside, and luckily there were no accidents. However, there was some serious air polution infractions. When I opened my daughters bedroom door this morning (which is where Jake sleeps), it was obvious that his digestive system had been doing some serious work through the night. Yuck.

AWESOME: Having amazing medical coverage is worth more than it’s weight in colostomy bags. My shoulder surgery cost me absolutely nothing. Having lived through some serious medical insurance nightmares, I am extremely grateful to have such great insurance. Sweet!
NOT-SO-AWESOME: Having a state “program” designed to protect and cover children who’ve been dumped by other insurance companies DUMP those same kids because of a confusion over paper work. AND then not do anything about it. That is my tax dollars at work.

NOT-SO-AWESOME: My hubby being out of town for the week :(.
AWESOME: Being married to not only my best friend, but having that man be the most thoughtful and sweet man alive. Every morning that he’s been gone, I’ve gotten a text telling me where I can find my next hidden gift. That’s right… he hid little presents for me around the house, one for every day he’s gone (although yesterday was “bonus” day and I got two 🙂 ). Seriously, how cute is that!?! It’s been hard having him gone and I miss him terribly, but I am excited to get to see him tomorrow and looking forward to our weekend alone.

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One Comment on “Awesome and Not-So-Awesome”

  1. The Grunt Says:

    Merry Christmas, Meggypoo!

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