Every day I keep thinking that I need to post an update on what’s happening in my world. But as the days fly by, it all gets away from me, and then I find myself thinking “so much has happened, where do I begin and what do I even say?”.

One step at a time, right?

OK, Arizona (yeah, I know it was almost 2 weeks ago). It was BEEEE-UTIFUL! The weather, the resort, our awesome room, the wonderful spa… everything. It was wonderful being able to get away with the Mr. and to have some time to ourselves all while enjoying a nice change in climate and surroundings. Not only the was the “vacation” portion of the trip awesome, the “business” part went better than I expected. I’m on the board of a foundation who (among other things) gives money to various organizations and charities. MY cause (which I am very passionate about) got an unheard of amount of money (at least relative to what they usually give)… the full amount I requested. Maybe it was my embarrassing and very unexpected and unwelcome blubbering. Maybe I’m the master of public speaking (not). Whatever it was, it worked and I am thrilled to be able to be a part of something that help children and their families and literally change lives. Woo hoo! It made my week. I still get excited when I think about it.

Valentine’s Day weekend was splendid as well. I LOVE the kids – they are my life – but I really appreciate the few nights a month Greg and I get to spend alone. We never got any kind of “honeymoon” period because we were thrust into parenting not our usual 2 and 3, but a whooping 5 kids, full-time. The weekend was not only romantic but we also got TONS done. We cleaned, organized, made trips to our storage unit, and just in general kicked ass AND took names. It was great at the end of the day to look at all of the great progress we made. I love the feeling of a productive day, and BONUS… we got to do it together!

Tuesday was my monthly “date with one of my kids” night. I know I’ve said it before, but I absolutely love and look forward to this! This month was Ian’s turn. We decided to get some dinner and then catch the new movie, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. He was in the mood for a burger and fries, and since we were tight on time, we headed to the burger joint, SNAPPY’S, inside Jordan Commons. Ian seemed to really enjoy the food, especially the Oreo shake :). The movie was what I expected (not wonderful, not bad, somewhat entertaining), but Ian liked it and that was all that mattered. I had a lot of fun getting to spend that time alone with him. I adore that kid!

At the end of each week I go into the next hoping that it’ll be a little less chaotic, that I’ll have a little more down time, that I’ll have to put up with less crap that is redonkulous, and that I’ll actually get 8 hours of sleep. Rarely does any of it actually happen, and there are some days that the demands on me make it feel like I’m getting dragged into quicksand and on the verge of going under. But the truth is, even with all stress and strain and  running around trying to get everyone where they need to be and everything done that needs to get done, I love my life. I love my friends, my dog, my children and family, and my husband. I’m so very grateful that I have the choice and ability to stay home with our 5 children, volunteer at their school A LOT, arrange play dates, run them to all of their various activities, and cook dinner every night. I’m thankful to be married to a man that keeps his commitments and takes pride in working hard to provide for all of us. I’m one lucky woman.

Yesterday was the anniversary of my brothers death. There isn’t an edge to the pain like there used to be years ago, but this DAY has sort of loomed over my head and created a shadow all week. I’ve lived longer without him than I did with him, but even after 22 years, I still miss him. I wonder what kind of man he would have been. Would he have been a husband and father? The next Einstein? I’ll never know, and I guess that is what’s hardest for me. What I wouldn’t give to know him now. At some point, I think I will have that opportunity. Until then, I love you bro!

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One Comment on “Whirlwind”

  1. Carla Says:

    Your posts always make me laugh, smile, and want to be a better mom. I love your sarcasm and your need to throw in a jab or two. You are truly an inspiration to me.!! Keep up the great work.

    Sorry to hear about your brother. I had no idea you lost him at such a young age. He is looking down on you and smiling!!


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