I’ll Get Offa My Soap Box Now

Shortly after I married my now ex, a friend of ours got married and at the reception they didn’t have a traditional cake like I (everyone?) is used to. They had a tower of fruit. FRUIT?! What the hell was up with the fruit!? Come to find out the bride didn’t eat sugar, and our friend, the groom, was following suit. Now this was the type of couple that never used birth control (even though they had 3 kids and a 2 bedroom apartment), probably knitted their own clothing from bark they harvested off of the tree next to their parking lot, and for all I know, she’s still probably breastfeeding her now 10-year-old. OK, maybe not the last, but they were always a little too “au natural” for my taste, albeit very nice, and always were preaching about why they practiced what I thought was kind of, well, weird.

I’ve always sort of done an internal eye roll at people who were super gung-ho over ANYTHING. Or at least super verbal and pushy about it. Especially when it comes to food. Sugar free, Atkins, only organic, etc. I was once trapped for 30 minutes in a kitchen being lectured about how I was evil because I didn’t feed my children organic only food. But as I’ve gotten older, wiser, and more decrepit, I’ve become more aware of my health and what I put into my body. I blogged a few months ago how I’ve gone sugar-free (including honey, molasses, AND chemical sugar supplements, like Splenda) as well as nixing all refined or processed food (like white flour), potatoes and corn products. Kind of ironic seeing as I’ve almost become the person I rolled my eyes at. Although I don’t “preach” (or volunteer) my beliefs about food and diet, so I can still tolerate myself just fine.

It’s been a process that has evolved through months of reading, research, and some trial and error. There are times that I want to just say “screw it” and eat whatever I want without having to read labels or think about it. But I feel SO much better in every way, I know it’s not worth it. I am less tired each day, I sleep better at night, my skin is clear, and mentally and physically I just feel better. Plus, I can pretty much eat anything I can think of. I may have to make substitutions and tweak recipes so they are “legal”, but I’m excited about the prospect of new things, finding new recipes, and learning more about nutrition each day.

This weekend for a dinner with friends I prepared one of these sugar-free/refined ingredients free desserts. It’s a lemon cheesecake and although I’m not sure the Mr. is convinced, my kids absolutely LOVED it (and I was rather fond of it myself). And it tasted even better today, a day later. SIDE NOTE: Speaking of food, I have to mention the amazingly delicious fresh tuna we had for our dinner party. Greg prepared it outside on the BBQ on a wooden grilling plank and it was heaven! It was even better with the butter wasabi sauce.

ONE funny “side effect” of eating this way is that I feel like I taste the flavor of my food better. Foods taste sweater, deeper, brighter, I dunno… they just come through more clearly I guess. Hopefully feeling good will be motivation enough to keep on keeping on (because I do have my moments). If you’ve got any great recipes or menu ideas that would work, send them my way. Anything from salads, main courses and meat, and dessert is welcome. I’ll be your lab rat :).

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3 Comments on “I’ll Get Offa My Soap Box Now”

  1. Carla Says:

    Can you eat sushi? If so…lets go…it is all fresh and good for you too. HINT!!!!! 😉

  2. meggypoo Says:

    YES! I can eat sushi like nobody’s business. Mmmm… Playboy Roll. Tell me when and where, and I’m on it like rice on a sushi roll :).

  3. greg Says:

    i wish i had your self discipline. i love sugar too much

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