Binge and Purge

The last 30+ years has obviously (basd on our collection of “stuff”) been the binge, and the last 2 days, the purge. And it has been messy, but luckily not the type of purge that required a toilet :).

As seen in my previous installment, Friday and Saturday were days of construction, and Sunday was spent organizing the new shed as well as the garage. Yesterday, I brought the action indoors. A mad search for some documents lead me to look through every freaking piece of paper in all of our files. By “all” I mean everything from 1999 taxes to ear thermometer manuals. Between Greg and I, we have 3 2-drawer filing cabinets. One of them is Greg’s, and over the past year, I’ve sort of just ignored it. It’s hard enough going through your own papers, but filtering through someone elses… oh vey!

I did find the stupid piece of paper that I needed (go me!), and since I was already knee-deep in papers, I figured I’d just purge and properly organize everything. Older docs got boxed and are in storage. Paperwork of Greg and mine were merged and now live happily together in the appropriate folders and cabinets.

The office has now been moved into the laundry/storage room, and I’m actually really liking the way it’s turned out (I’m not sure Greg is as excited about it, but I’m sure he’ll come around). I was doing a bunch of work last night at his desk, and I thought the new setup was actually very comfortable. I think I actually prefer it to the old office. I put up shelf for our monster new professional photo printer, and set up the other new printer at Mr. N’s work station.

Also moved to its new spot are all of our weights. Yippy! The only thing left to do is move the treadmill (ugh) and the bike, and then I’ve got an empty slate in which to create Ian’s room.

Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?), I woke up this morning without a voice and my throat feels like I did about 12 shots of battery acid. It’s forced me to take it easy today, although I’ve done a butt load of laundry (that means a lot). I’m also doing some online searching/shopping for Ian’s room. I definitely think taking a little bit of a day off is what I need.

I am NOT a pack rat or collector of things, and I love when things are organized. It’s a wonderful feeling to have this part of our ongoing projects taken care of, as well as knowing that the amount of our collective (mostly Greg’s 😉 ) crap is being lessened. A weight off of our house and my chest.

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One Comment on “Binge and Purge”

  1. Carla Says:

    yipeeeeeeeeeee! I love to organize and purge all the things I don’t need. (I broke our last shredder when I cleaned out last. oops) Can’t wait to see all the things you’ve done. 🙂 Relax and take a day off!!

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