Hum Dinger

The last week has sort of been a whirlwind of good times, paint fumes, and adventure.

Last Wednesday I got to get together with a group of “new” girlfriends, and we all brought our kids! It’s not often that you can throw 10+ kids together and not have any fighting or excluding. But they did great! It was so fun to visit with friends all while watching our kids play together and so what kids do. Thanks girls… can’t wait to do it again :). OH,  I also loved the handmade (I think) b-day cards I received from two of them this week. SO CUTE!

I kicked it into high gear this weekend and by Monday (after school), Ian came home from school to a new room. New paint, new pictures (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off… still a classic), ALL new furniture, and new bedding (although I’m still waiting for his “ROCK” guitar comforter and sham). He loved the room and I loved getting it ready for him. Greg was sweet enough to take Monday off, which also happened to be my B-Day, to help me out and also spoil me for the day. He worked really hard getting everything out of the old office/new Ian’s room. And it was really cute when I’d start to wipe down a counter or clean up something and he’d say, “STOP! I’ll do that… it’s you’re birthday!”. Thanks muffin :).

Ian has had the same bedding and furniture since he was 2 years old. Cute and all, but not quite the style of a suave and maturing tween of 10. This project was actually a lot of fun. Partly because it went so smoothly and fast, and also because I was so excited to see his reaction. I am happy with the way it turned out and am thrilled that he loves his new digs. I’ll add some pictures when I get the comforter (and am not feeling so lazy 🙂 ).

As stated, Monday was my birthday. Since I’m old and stuff, b-days aren’t really a big deal for me, but Mr. N made it special, even though I didn’t care much about the day. He took me out for lunch, gave me lots of great presents, and my parents treated the whole family to a delightful dinner at good ole’ Olive Garden. Say what you will about the O.G. and its less-than-authentic Italian-ness, but I happen to really like it. And I’ve eaten authentic. Fight me at the flagpole at 3 if you gotta problem with it ;). PLUS, it was a place that I felt OK taking all 5 kids. They behaved well and EVERYONE loved their meals. It was yummy… thanks Mom & Dad.

Yesterday a group of my wonderful, beautiful, and amazing friends took me to lunch, where they spoiled me not only with a lovely meal, but also with multiple gift certificates for spa treatments, a book (one that I really really wanted), and a shirt. I feel a facial and pedi coming on.

It’s been a busy week, and will continue to be for the next couple of weeks (is it really ever not busy?), but I’m feeling pretty lucky to have such awesome kids, friends, hubby, and family. I appreciate you all!

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