Hi… and Goodbye

OK OK, so it’s been a while. But my lack of posting the last few weeks is a direct reflection of what has been going on in my life. Family trip, 4th of July celebrations, Lagoon, and leaving good ole’ Utah in less than 24 hours (not to mention certain instances that have left me in need of finding an expert to perform an ex exorcism… ugh, don’t ask). Needless to say, things around (and away from) the Nickel home have been a little more exciting than the norm.

At the end of June we spent 5 days in St. George with our friends, The Hennessy’s. Hiking, ENDLESS swimming, interesting hairdo’s (thanks McCall 😉 ), Toy Story 3, sunburns and good times were had. Thanks to the Hennessy’s for making it such a fun trip. I hope you’ve all recovered :).

Greg took LOTS of great photos, but those will have to come later when time is on my side.

The 4th (which was the 3rd in Utah) celebrations were a lot of fun. We went to NSL Saturday evening and enjoyed a few rides and games, a live band, a rousing game of Red Rover with the kids and the more adventurous adults, a spectacular sunset, and ice cream sundaes while enjoying a great fireworks show . Thanks Mom and Dad for being excellent hosts!

Sunday, the actual 4th, we spent the entire day at Lagoon. It was a little stressful keeping track of all 5 kids, but it was also a lot of fun. I actually had more fun than I expected, and the kids LOVED it.

Greg had Monday off of work, so we broke out our water slide and let the kids go wild. Woo hoo!

Tomorrow morning I will be saying adios to Utah and ALOHA to Hawaii! I haven’t been to the “Big Island” since I was 4 years old and I remember very little about it. My lovely friend is taking me, along with 8 other women, to Maui to celebrate her birthday. Yeah, I know! I’m very lucky and grateful to have such a generous friend. While it’s been somewhat of a headache (or should I say migraine) to choreograph everything so that kids are taken care of each day and night, I’m hoping it will all pay off in the end. I’m indebted to the friends and family who are helping me out by being willing to take great care of my kiddos… I owe you all one (or fifty). And a HUGE thank you goes out to my awesome hubby Greg, who is handling everything while I’m away. I’m incredibly lucky to have married such a great man who is willing to take over for the week. THANKS SWEETIE!

I expect to have good pictures and hopefully some great stories when I return. Everyone enjoy their week while I’m away. I’ll see you on the flip side :).

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