Maui – Part 1

“Is it worth it?”, was the questioned I asked a fellow traveler about 15 hours before we were scheduled to embark on our adventure. The morning before my trip, there were last-minute schedule changes with the care of the kids, which required about 10 phone calls. I had to pack, clean the house, finish the laundry, and scoop up my brain off of the floor and jam it back into my head. AHHH!


We left Salt Lake at 7 am, and thanks to the 4 hour time change, we arrived in Maui at about 12 p.m. The fun began as soon as we sat down on the plane (and my apologies to everyone who sat near us. My friends can get a little loud). Unfortunately I was unable to sleep, but luckily my lovely cousin and bff was able to (and she absolutely LOVES the photo I took of her while napping 😉 ). And it wouldn’t have been the same without the ultra creepy guy who kept his bug eyes on us… the whole 5 hour flight. Pure entertainment.

We landed, got our rental cars, and headed FIRST to find something to eat. We stopped at Hard Rock Cafe and had a REALLY yummy lunch. Their fish tacos were absolutely awesome, enough so that we returned for dinner another day, and the view… seriously, ridiculous!

After lunch, we did a little shopping. I should tell you that I don’t like shopping. As in I’d rather spend 30 minutes looking at a blank wall than go shopping, , but I was a pretty good sport this trip. I did, however, skip probably half of the shopping excursions. We then headed over to our beautiful hotel. We couldn’t strip down and throw on our bathing suits fast enough! The pool area was amazing, and only about 200 feet from the beach. It was heaven.

Every night we went to a different restaurant… all were good, and some were amazing. Some I can’t remember the names of simply because I was either too tired (such as the first night) or to involved in fun and conversation.

Our server told us about an awesome pancake house located on the island, but he warned us that if we didn’t get there before 9 a.m., we would probably have an hour wait. Thursday morning we decided to check it out. It wasn’t an hour, but the 45 minutes were totally worth it and flew by (funny how fast time goes when you’re chatting with friends). I am in love… with these pancakes. They had a choice of macadamia nut, banana nut, white chocolate macadamia nut and fresh pineapple pancakes (my personal favorite, although all were delicious). They were SOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazingly wonderful, especially topped with the whipped cream (which had a subtle butterscotch flavor) and the coconut syrup. Words cannot express how delicious they were, but the fact that we went there 3 of the 5 mornings should probably indicate my groups obsession with the food. They also prepared this ham fried rice with egg on top that was to die for!

I decided this would be my day full of poolside fun. I got completely burned (my back is still itching) and loved every minute of it. I did get some reading done, but mostly just talked to the girlies, swam in the pool and ocean, walked on the beach, and took R&R to a whole new level. Some of our group went parasailing, but I had been before and decided to sit this one out. One of the great things about this vacation (and one of the reasons we got 3 cars) is that everyone got to do what they wanted, which often wasn’t the same thing, and every day we’d break off into smaller groups (scuba diving, rip lines, parasailing, biking a volcano were some of the activities), but we always met up again in the afternoon at the pool, and spent the evenings together. FUN! And of course the food was awesome.

There were these large statue thingies at our hotel, and for some odd reason, we felt the need to harass one every time we walked by it. No charges were filed.

Tune in tomorrow for Part 2 :).

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  1. G Says:

    looks like you had fun

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