A Dog and Some Hobo

There’s nothing like being awakened in the morning with, “Mom, hurry! Jake has a big cut in his leg!”, followed by thunderous footsteps from the other two children confirming the statement in tones that would make you think the world will probably blow up in 3.2 seconds.

Indeed, Jake, our delightful dog and my 6th child (7th if you include Greg 🙂 ), had a gash in his leg. It was clear to me that he would need stitches. It was ALSO clear to me that this was no accidental scratch from a chain link fence sort of injury. After I set up the interrogation room and got out all of my torture instruments (OK, so we just sat on the floor and I asked the kids what happened, but the other sounds more exciting), the truth all came out.

Evidently my children’s father felt it was 1) appropriate to let a 7-year-old have a pocket knife. “But it was a really small knife”. Yeah. And 2) he seemed to think that it was OK to let said 7-year-old whittle a stick out back. Alone. With a sharp pocket knife. What seems to have happened is that as the dogs (the ex was babysitting Jake overnight for us. The other dog, THEIR dog, is Rocky) were running around being crazy, as normal, and Jake ran over to see what my kiddo was up to. He’s pretty playful like that and is always interested in where the kids are and what they are doing. And if they are sitting on the ground they are fair game for a round of dog vs. kid wrestling match. Anywho, the result was… SLASH! Guess that will teach him not to bulldoze into kids holding knives!

1 vet visit, 1 shaved leg, 3 staples, 1 “cone of shame”, 1 bottle of canine pain killers, 2 weeks worth of antibiotics, and a nice big bill was how my Monday morning started. And all before 11 a.m.

We had planned on a really fun and activity filled day, but the above as well as the rain later that day put a kink in our plans. But why let that ruin ALL of the fun. Greg picked up the girls and although we didn’t get to do the fun activities we planned, we DID try to make some fun at home happen. We decided to make “hobo dinners” and let the kids each design their own meals. In keeping in with the luck of the day, the propane tank was out of fuel and we had NO coals to even try to make a fire in the fire pit. IMPROVISE! I have to admit that I don’t really have any hobo dinner experience. I’ve eaten them once or twice but never prepared them. So I figured why not just cook them in the oven!

We had shrimp, hamburger, chicken, potatoes and onions to choose from. 45 minutes in a 450 degree oven did the trick. Surprisingly, they were awesome! The kids all loved their concoctions and everyone ate everything in their foil packet. YUM!

Last week Greg bought a flip camera, and it’s been the tool of entertainment for the last couple of days. After dinner the kids made silly videos (Alex interviewing Cooper about his love of a piece of paper is my personal favorite), and then watched them on the computer. It’s so fun for me to kind of just sit back and listen to the laughter in our home. I can say with certainty that they LOVE each other. The past 2 weeks they haven’t seen each other as much as they usually do (which will be remedied with my family reunion tomorrow 🙂 ), and when they aren’t together they really miss each other. It’s been just over 1 1/2 years since Greg and I got married, and while it’s not all been sugar-coated roads lined with gumdrops, it has been a wonderful experience to watch and be a part of our melting pot family. It’s been amazing to be able to witness how their relationships with each other (and with both Greg and I) have developed and grown into what they are today. We are a family! And it’s great that the kids have their best friends with them right under the same roof.

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One Comment on “A Dog and Some Hobo”

  1. Carla Says:

    🙂 Great story. I heard about Jake. (poor boy) There is always an advernture huh?

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