I had very good intentions of sleeping until 8 this morning. My brain had its own plans, and here I am… awake.

Before I get into the now and future, I must venture into the past. Like a 30 hours ago into the past.

This past weekend did provide a nice and much-needed break. Greg and I went to dinner and a movie Friday night. Saturday he went golfing and I went to visit my aunt in the hospital (which seems to be a recurring theme this week), and then we headed North to get together with friends. We had some delicious Mexican food, went miniature golfing, and sat around where we talked and laughed. We spent the night and the next morning we headed North to Ogden where the boys played frisbee golf and the ladies took the dogs on a walk. This is the point in which you animal haters can stop reading.

Ever since we got Jake, he has HATED water. He would get his feet wet, but would never get into the water on his own. The one time I threw him in a reservoir (because we had been camping and he was super dirty), I had to get him therapy for months. OK, maybe not, but he was traumatized. It’s been really weird and a little frustrating. His best dog friend, Maggie, LOVES swimming, and I’ve always wished that he enjoyed it like her. He’s s damned lab! Isn’t there a law or something that states Labradors have to love swimming?. SO, on our walk yesterday we decided to go down to the banks of the river that was just off of the walking trail. I picked up a stick and threw it in thinking that he would pace on the bank, whining, while Maggie jumped in to retrieve it. NOTE: No, I’m not a dog abuser. The water was surprisingly clear AND it was slow-moving. Maggie AND Jake went after it. I’m not sure what happened, but it was as if Jake had been swimming all of his life. He loved it! We spent about an hour throwing the stick for them and watching them swim. I was so proud :).

Last week proved to me that I have psychic cop abilities. I can sense their presence like a dog can sense an impending earthquake. I was driving (too fast) and had this strong feeling to slow down because a cop was around the corner. I hit the brakes and about 3 seconds later I saw a policeman on a motorcycle on the opposite side of the street pointing his little radar gun in my direction. SON OF A… I was seriously worried that he was coming for me. I kept watch in my rearview mirror and… DAMN IT! I saw the lights coming up quickly behind me. My stomach dropped and my heart started beating faster. About 20 feet before he reached me he suddenly changed lanes. HA HA! He busted the car next to me that WAS going the same speed as me until I slowed down. WOO HOO! Yes, my psychic powers are pretty awesome. And this isn’t the first time my Spidey senses have tingled when I’m about to encounter a policeman. I’m just glad I listened to them this time. Now if I can just train them to work in Vegas, I’ll be set.

Now on the the present/future.

My life is usually a little crazy, and definitely some weeks are better than others when it comes to being pulled in a million directions. But I have a feeling this week is going to be an interesting one for me. For one, it IS busy… more so than the norm. In an attempt to get a ton of crap done before school starts in ONE WEEK (woo hoo and 😦 ), a lot has been jam-packed into these next 7 days. A handful of dr visits, last-minute school shopping, and various preparations must be made before I can send my offspring out the door.

Let’s not forget about the Dave Mathews concert Tuesday night. I’m excited, but the fact that I’m feeling a little overwhelmed also makes it feel like just one more thing on my endless “To Do” list that just needs to get checked off.

I was already feeling a little stressed just looking at my day planner, and now you can add this tender tidbit to the plate: Last night I get an email from my dad entitled “Mom’s Sick”. He proceeds to tell me, in AN EMAIL, that my mom is in the hospital. It’s serious but not life threatening, and I don’t want to go into too much more detail before I have a chance to talk to her (in the email he pretty much told us to leave her alone until later today) and find out what exactly is going on. Just because I am practically middle-aged doesn’t mean that I don’t still need my mom. I don’t like the not knowing or the simple fact that she’s in the hospital and in pain. :(! And just an FYI… notifications about the hospitalization of immediate family members warrant a PHONE CALL, not email. And 10 p.m. for such an occasion is NOT too late. Dork.

There’s the low-down on the what was and what will be. Life has a sense of humor, so I’m not counting my eggs quite yet. I’m just hoping to survive the week :).

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