I’ve Got A Few Minutes

What a better way to spend the 5 to 10 minutes it will take for the floor to dry (I mopped) then catch you up on my OH so exciting life!

Mom Update: My mom is doing great. She was admitted to the hospital for pancreatitis (OUCH!), went days without food or water, would have probably killed someone if she thought it would get her some ice chips, had surgery, and got out of there 2 days earlier than expected. It was a super exciting week for her, I’m sure. She’s still having to limit what food she eats, and still has some tenderness in her tummy, but all-in-all, she’s doing much better. Yippy!

This past weekend was sort of a blur. I had like a million kids at my house on Saturday (OK, it was 9, but it felt like a million), had friends over to BBQ, took the kids for a walk around Silver Lake (pictures to come), dealt with the retarded drama that was luckily not our own, and managed to stay sane. I call that success.

Monday was the first day of school (yeah yeah, pictures to come). HOLY HELL! I forgot how hard it is to get up, get kids up, get kids dressed and fed, and take everyone’s “first day of school” photos. Now 3 days into it, I’m slowly but surely getting back into the routine. It’s nice to have some child-free time to get stuff done (ie… mopping without having to yell at kids to “stay off the floor!”). I also think that SOME of the kids were getting sick seeing each other every hour of every day. They were all pretty ready to mix things up and get back into the classroom. But I do miss just having those moments where there was no plans and nowhere we had to be. That being said, I was ready for school to start as well :).

Tonight we have a special treat for us (everyone minus Riley… sorry kiddo, you’re just a little too young to sit through without possible freak-outs). My mom was kind enough to buy our family tickets to THE LION KING broadway play. I’m SO excited. I can’t decide if it’s more because I want to see it or because I’m excited for the kids to see it. I hope they enjoy it, and that they behave. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

My five minutes are up… back to work.

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