Fam Damily

I’m paraphrasing, but I’m pretty sure it’s been said that something good always comes out of something bad. I’m not sure if that’s always the case, but when it comes to relationships and family, it definitely can be.

When I think back to when I was a kid and up to the present, I have became increasingly aware that my situation, at least certain aspects of it, is somewhat rare.

Rare in that there is very little drama. No fighting. A lack of contention that, it seems, is present in so many families. I’ve seen the arguments over what I consider very little things occur within other families, but other than the little “that’s my toy” when I was a little kid, it’s has not been a part of my family life.

I remember being with my little sister on vacation with extended family members, and we watched a little soap opera ensue over a towel or something HUGE like that. We were caught between feeling shocked at what we were watching unfold as well as working hard at not breaking out into uncontrollable giggles. Don’t get me wrong,  I don’t enjoy watching people argue. But it was, and still is, so strange to watch families fight that I never really know how to react.

Back to the “flip side” of it all. As I sat on my couch listening to a dear friend talk about some of the problems within her own family, it really made me grateful and appreciative of the relationships that I have with my own siblings and parents. No, it’s not perfect, but there is no fighting, bad feelings, or old hurts. I have different relationships with each of my siblings, but I cherish each of them.  And we ALL get along. And if you’ve read any number of posts I’ve written, then you know that I have nothing but absolute respect and love for my parents, and I would never dream of speaking to them or treating them with anything but respect and love. I may be a smart ass, but I’m a smart ass who knows her place.

It’s not that I’m glad that other people have to deal with bucket loads of crap within their own families, but the fact that it helps me realize how lucky I am, well, I guess it’s not ALL bad. For those of you who have strained relationships with family members, and yes, I know this is simplifying it, but…. GET OVER IT! You’re family :).

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3 Comments on “Fam Damily”

  1. Carla Says:

    It is hard when the same family members always shit on you over and over. 😦

    • meggypoo Says:

      I guess I should clarify by saying that I’m speaking of my IMMEDIATE family (siblings and parents). Throw some in-laws and extended family into the mix and it’s a whole different story. I know there are always exceptions to the rule, and I know (because I know you) that you’ve done all you can do and the absolute best, so screw *insert name here*. I guess I’m speaking more to those who do the shitting rather than the taking :). xoxo

  2. Carla Says:

    I know you understand my frustrations with the “bitch” in our family. I totally agree with your post but it is so hard to like someone that hates you so bad. 😦 ha ha !!

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