I’ve Got More Painkillers Than Nick Nolte

I’ve decided that in the future, you can pretty much insert one the following lines at the beginning of each and every one of my following posts:

“It’s been a crazy week, and…”. Or how about this one: “So much has happened, but I had such a busy week…”. You get the idea. Instead of telling you WHY I haven’t posted this week (because it’s been crazy, busy, and therefore normal), I’m just going to dive in from here on out.

About two weeks ago I had a “medical procedure”. Nothing too crazy, but it wasn’t just an in-and-out thing, with no down time or recovery time. It was also something that required me to take along a “buddy” to drive me to my appointment, sit with me through the procedure, not laugh if and when I said anything stupid while drugged with FIVE (yes, 5) concoctions, unless I was trying to be funny, and drive my drugged butt home. My cousin and BFF, Carlie, came through (as always) and was an awesome surgery caregiver! We joked around a lot in the surgical room with the doctor and nurse, at least what I can remember through the haze. Yeah, it hurt like hell, but at least there were some laughs in between the screams (OK, I didn’t really scream, but if I were a sissy I would have).

After my cuz drove me home and put me to bed, my mom showed up about 20 minutes later. I knew I’d be pretty much useless for the rest of the day, so she came to help out with the kids until Greg got home from work. Because she’s my mom, and therefore awesome, she made cinnamon rolls for the kids so that they’d have a warm and delicious snack when they got home from school. She entertained the kiddos, took Ian to his guitar lesson, and heated up dinner that my OTHER friend, Maree, prepared. YUM!

I kind of thought I’d be good to go the next day, but it took me about 4 days to really feel like myself. I hate taking pain killers, so I only took them the first 2 days. Not sure if it made my recovery time longer (although I was convinced the pills were contributing to the weird feeling I had), but not feeling loopy was worth it. ANYWHO, it’s times like these that remind me how lucky I am to be surrounded by people who love me and will be there when I need them. Thanks to everyone who called to check on me, as well as everyone who took care of me!

The day after my “procedure” was the John Mayer concert, which I had tickets to. Could it have been better timing? SURE! But it was awesome. Mr. Mayer was an amazing performer, and while I went into it loving his music but thinking that as a person, he was kind of a d.b., I again love him and think he is only a mild jerk :).

One of the COOLEST things about being a real estate agent is the 18 (used to be 15, until this last year) hours of “continuing education” that is required to renew your license. Mine has to be renewed soon, so I’ve been packing in the classes the past couple of weeks. I was not looking forward to the 2 to 3 classes per week that I’ve signed myself up for, but surprisingly they have been really good. Interesting and pertinent, which is a whole different story than the last time I renewed. I’m about half done, and have my longest class scheduled for tomorrow. Not super excited at the prospect of sitting in a classroom all day, but hopefully I’ll learn a lot and be (even more) like the Superman of real estate agents. Totally.

Another YUCK of tomorrow… Alex is having surgery to have her adenoids and tonsils removed, plus tubes put in her ears. I remember the pain of the tonsil surgery, and I’m hoping that she heals quickly and everything goes smoothly. But she’s has so many ear infections the past 1+ year, I really think she’ll be much healthier after we get this done. I’m gearing up for a week and weekend with a grumpy and hurting kid… gotta love parenthood :).

My brain is pretty much fried, and I can’t even think past tomorrow. So I’ll just stick to making promises that I may or may not keep: Next post… PICTURES PREVIOUSLY PROMISED.

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