Love At First Sight

Last week I spent the better part of two days transferring my old home movies from tape onto discs. Watching here and there while the tapes were being recorded was fun. And a little sad. It brought back a lot of memories of the “early” days, and while there are definitely benefits to having kids that are getting older, my heart ached a little when I saw my cute babies and remembered how much fun they could be. As difficult as those first 5 years of motherhood was (OK, it’s still hard, but in different ways), it was also a wonderful time in my life. I loved those kiddos the moment they came into this world… even before.

Part of the awesomeness of my kids getting older is being able to go out and do things with them without having to worry they’ll wander off, throw a fit, and test my patience as a mother and a human being. September was my date month with Emma. I had planned on taking her out the week before, but she got pretty sick, and our night out was bumped to this Tuesday.

We ended up going to Gardner Village for dinner and Halloween activities.

After dinner, we went headed over to Ride To A Witch. It was essentially a tractor ride to a little witch village. The witches were all wonderful and very funny, and our personal witch tour guide took an immediate liking to Emma. When the witch asked her name, Emma responded, “Ummm… Emma”. The witch called her “UM” the rest of the night. HA! She was really cute with all of the kids, but especially with Emma. After the witch thing, we did a little looking around at the stores, I bought a huge mint brownie that Emma thought was yummy but so big that she said it gave her a tummy ache and couldn’t finish.


Emma declared this to be her “best date night ever!”. I had a great time as well. Not only do I like to have a little alone time with each child, but it makes it even that much better when I see how appreciative they are and how much they look forward to it.


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One Comment on “Love At First Sight”

  1. Carla Says:

    We will be going there soon. I missed it the last 2 years and WON’T again. 🙂 How have you converted your VHS to DVD? I want something for my bday to start working on mine. (call me!!) xoxoxo

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