I Just Coughed Up A Lung

Last week, around Wednesday, as I was dreaming about what might be a fun and relaxing child-free-get-a-little-break weekend, I realized that there are only 2 (occasionally 3) days a month that I don’t see all 5 of our kids (unless they go with the ex’s on vacation, which is rare). Meaning, when those two weekends per month come along when they go with the “others”, I fantasize about sleeping in past 7, going an hour without hearing any fighting, an “I’m hungry”, or cleaning up some mess, spending uninterrupted time with Mr. N, getting together with friends, etc. I love our time with our kids, but we get LOTS of time with our kids, and I do appreciate the alone time we get here and there. And this weekend was an extra long weekend because of the Columbus Day holiday, which means we got an extra BONUS night alone. If I were a school-girl, I’d totally would have been giddy with excitement.

By Friday night, it was clear that the weekend I had envisioned was going to be a no-go. Now that you understand why these weekends are important, you can now cry a tear for me when I tell you that all weekend I. WAS. SICK. In fact, I’m still sick. Poor Emma had a cold two weeks ago, which developed into strep last week, so I wasn’t completely shocked that one of us got sick, because we’re a family who likes to share. Unfortunately, it was shared with me. What a waste of a perfectly good weekend! I spent most of it in bed :(. I was especially looking forward to this past weekend because we are heading out-of-town tomorrow to spend the week and weekend in Southern Utah with my parents.

The weather will be beautiful (high 80’s are in the forecast), which means there will be tons of swimming, playing games, good eats and treats, and other things wonderful. Usually when we vacation with the grandparents, my siblings and their families go as well, which is fun for the kids because there are playmates galore. But it also means there are a lot of people, lots of kids, lots of noise, lots of mess, you get the point. I’m looking forward to having this be a slightly lower key trip. And I know my kids love getting Grandma and Papa all to themselves.

Yeah, this past weekend will NOT go down on my list of “BEST EVER”s, but I guess I should be grateful that I was able to get the rest I need to hopefully get over this stupid cold quickly. And I’m really looking forward to the next 5 days being poolside with book in tow, preferably without the cough. Yahoo!


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