Life As I Know It

We’re back. We’re alive. And mostly in one piece. The trip to St. George went as expected… FUN! It was a smaller crowd than we’re used to, but so nice having it ever-so-slightly more quiet than the norm. It was a very low-key week/weekend filled with playing games (Killer Bunny is now the kids favorite), lots of swimming, lots of treats, getting spoiled by Grandma Gina and Papa Jimbo, and plain old, good fashioned quality family time.

For some weird reason, which I’m sure includes a sick sense of humor of my school district, the kids don’t have school today (Monday) either. I could definitely use a breather, BUT, no rest for the weary, right? We’ve got another 4 down with the not-so-fun cold I had last week that includes a nice fever, sore throat, and nasty sinus issues. On the upside, we’ve all gotten sick, which means there is no left to infect. Woo hoo!

I’ve joked about it since my divorce, but it’s no joke: There is one upside (besides the obvious) to the dissolving of a marriage — free “babysitting” every other weekend! Dating your spouse is so important, but with 5 kids, it’s nearly impossible for us to find someone to watch them all. Not that people (namely our parents) haven’t or won’t, but I hate asking or imposing. I can’t even remember the last time we got a babysitter. We plan pretty much everything we do around the kids, which means that sometimes we end up saying “no” to things or missing out. But I think that Greg and I agree that we wouldn’t have it any other way. As it is with so many aspects of life, it’s all about juggling and balance.

Even though it’s been a long week with all the chillins’, the kids are sick, and WE’VE been sick, I’m glad that I have the opportunity (although I sometimes forget at 5 am) to be able to care for them when they are sick AND well. This weekend my dad talked about how much he misses having little kids around, and it helped refresh my perspective. I have no illusions (or delusions) that I will get through their childhood, or even the day, without frustrations, but hearing my parents talk about kids and their own experiences helps me to laugh rather than yell. I’m grateful that my children, and especially my step-children, know they can come to me when they don’t feel good and need help. I’m glad that they see me as someone they can trust and depend on. And if that means administering ibuprofen at 3 a.m. or being the referee for the 329 time, so be it.

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