Snow & Guts

Halloween in Utah is like a gender confused 16-year-old boy… you never know which way it’s going to go. A few days before the undead event, it snowed like Old Man Winter was out for revenge. On the news it was reported that there were places in the valley that got up to 2 to 3 whole inches in the valley. Um, try 6 to 8 at our house! East Sandy… you’ve got to love it. I like the snow for Christmas, as well as in the mountains for snowboarding. But otherwise, I’m not a fan. Yeah yeah, I don’t need to hear about how I live in Utah and snow is part of that fact. I realize this. It does not, however, require me to love it. And I was not, and am not, mentally prepared to welcome the snow yet. So there!


Because Utah is seasonally confused, the trees hadn’t lost their leaves yet, which means that all of the lovely snow that hit the trees were captured and stuck on the branches. This also means that there was a ton of weight resting on each branch. Result=CRAAAAASSSSHHHHH! A large branch crashed to the ground. Well, really it slammed into the fence. Luckily there was no damage to the fence and second luckily, our nice old neighbor who shares the fence with us cut all of the branches that were on his side of the fence and pushed the remaining branch back to our property. It has prompted me to have an arborist come to trim and clean up the tree. Super exciting.

Not everyone in our household dislikes it when the flurries hit. Jake absolutely LOVES the snow. He kept crying to go outside all morning. He then would run around like a bat outta H-E-Double hockey sticks, opening his mouth while running so that he could act like a canine snow shovel and eat the white stuff to his heart’s content. He also kept sticking his head under the snow. I’m not sure why, but he enjoyed it, and who am I to ruin someone’s fun. Plus, I think he’s freaking adorable!

After school got out after the big storm, Emma put “a lot of hard work” into creating this little snowman. He’s very cute, and in my opionion, is the Charlie Brown tree of snowmen :).

While it was our weekend with the kids, five hours of the Halloween celebratory day (Oct. 30th this year) were awarded to the “others”. I hadn’t really planned on carving pumpkins with the kids since it technically wasn’t our holiday, but really, Halloween never ever ends… parties, school parties, more parties, trunk-or-treats, trick-or-treats, etc… But plans around here change often and we got a hankering to carve a gord. I don’t know why, but I really hate scraping out the guts. I don’t like the cold, the smell, or the gooey feeling. And yet I find myself doing it every year. ANYWAY, they turned out cute. Emma and Alex used a pattern (which meant Greg and I did most of the cutting for them, as well as Greg doing everything helping Riley), and the boys did theirs without any help. Everyone did a great job and I’m proud of their artistic abilities :). Cute!


Historically the kids have had a school Halloween parade in which each class walks around in a line so that parents and grandparents can look at their kids in costume and take 2342908432 pictures. This year, they did away with it. I understand the reasoning (something about it taking away from “learning time”, blah blah blah), but really? What will they get rid of next… CHRISTMAS!?! My parents have come these every year, so I’m sad to see the end of that tradition. But the classroom parties were not cancelled, and I was on the volunteering end of it… again. I feel like I spend more time at that school than at home.

The day of Halloween, the “others” picked up the kids in the afternoon and kept them for the trick-or-treating hours (until about 9 pm). Greg and I took advantage of the few hours by trying out a sushi restaurant (YUM), watching his beloved UTES, and handing out candy. With volunteering at a million school Halloween parties, Truck-&-Treats, Spook Alley, Corn Maze, and other never-ending crap, I am SO done with Halloween. But it was good while it lasted, and although it’s been a busy week and weekend, it’s been a good one.

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