One Proud Mama

Tonight was the night I both look forward to and worry a little bit twice each year. Yes, it was Parent Teacher Conference at school. While I’ve been volunteering in their classes quite a bit and I have a vague idea about how each child is doing, I don’t get a REAL view of where they are at and how they are doing.

Mr. N and I, along with my ex and all of the kids, made our rounds to each teacher. I won’t lie and say that the kids reports were perfect, but… dang close to it!

Everyone is doing incredibly well, and it makes me proud that we have FOUR children who are all getting above average scores. It’s also a relief to see on paper that they are succeeding both academically and socially at school. They all have their own strengths (as well as weaknesses), but I really couldn’t have asked for better reports from their teachers.

Some days I brace myself for that time when the kids come home from school and the chaos begins. Going through everyone’s planners, signing stuff off, sifting through papers, and helping them with homework can be exhausting. After today, it’s just a confirmation that it is totally worth it!

As a parent, I’m not huge on material gifts, but I’ve got to think of a special little something for the kids to reward them for, well, just being awesome. Nice job kids! Xoxo

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4 Comments on “One Proud Mama”

  1. erica Says:

    Way to go to your school-aged kids! And AMEN about the onslaught of chaos when school lets out everyday!! I like the idea of a treat for the kids after a good conference report…after Jordan’s parent-teacher conference, we walked out the main foyer of the school where the book fair was going on and they were selling snow cones for 50 cents. I gave Jordan a $5 bill to buy himself a snow cone for a job well done and he pocketed my change and protested loudly when I asked him for it back. What a mean mom I am. ;o)

  2. meggypoo Says:

    Er- I forgot we let all of them pick out a book at the bookfair, so I guess that could definitely count as the reward (I’ll blame my bad memory on the chaos 😉 ). Although my kids might have preferred an ice cream cone. Yes, you are SOOO mean. Next you’ll be forcing them to put on clean underwear AND eat their veggies. The abuse!

  3. Carla Says:

    M got perfect scores at her PTC and she is getting all A’s. I was proud too and got her a school sweatshirt (she loved it). We will be hearing about C’s next week. I am sure things are fine there too….but it is always nice to hear.

    Keep up the great job with them all. I will warn you there is more homework as they get in older grades. 😦

    • meggypoo Says:

      That is so great that M (and I’m sure C) are doing so well. It will really help her hairdressing career ;). You do such a great job with your girls… they are amazing kids! I’m a little nervous for when the homework assigned increases and gets more difficult. Hopefully my memory of math from 25 years ago comes back to me, or else I’ll be no help to them!

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