Filet Mignon Day!

If I cared more and were less lazy, I would have posted earlier. But I don’t and I’m not, so this is what you get.

The Thanksgiving holiday and vacation ended up being just like the movie The Land Before Time, except there were no dinosaurs, we didn’t actually get whisked away to a different land OR time, and a hot shower was, I’m happy to say, a part of each and every day.

Greg and I planned to leave Wednesday morning, which happens to be the morning that I realized my thoughts from Tuesday night were true… I was getting sick. UGH!!! Seriously?! The trip I had planned and been looking forward to for over 3 months and I was sick?! Yes, yes I was. But fear not… there was some phlegm involved, as well as some post and pre? nasal dripping, but luckily the copious amounts of snot didn’t keep me down.

Here are a few highlights of the trip/random thoughts, in no particular order:

  • I love that for the past 5+ years, my parents have made cooking a filet mignon roast as part of the Thanksgiving feast. Um, YUMMMM! Screw the turkey, give me the beef!
  • My lemon cookies took 2nd place in our cookie contest, although I may demand a recount.
  • I beat Greg for the first time in ping-pong. It was a special day (although he spent the rest of the night in the fetal position, weeping).
  • We visited Vegas where we, 1) visited the infamous Gold & Silver Pawn, which is the pawn shop featured in the t.v. show Pawn Stars. 2) Went to Joe’s Crab and Steakhouse in Caesars Palace and ate a very good steak and possibly the best crab I’ve ever tasted. Mmmm.
  • Greg and I still are undefeated when we partner at HAND & FOOT (I pretty much carry him).
  • One of the best parts of family gatherings are having other adults around to play games with.
  • We saw the movie Unstoppable. It was good, but let me assure you, it IS unstoppable.
  • There is something über enjoyable about sitting in a hot tub when it’s cold outside, under the stars. The night sky is SO much better in southern Utah.
  • Watching an entire football game while sitting upon a hard wooden chair is something I may not do again.
  • I missed the kids, but I noticed that this was a much more laid back trip. Yippy!

Yahoo for Thanksgiving!

I also want to say how proud of I am of my dear husband. You rock!

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One Comment on “Filet Mignon Day!”

  1. erica Says:

    All this talk about food is making me hungry! I think mostly I want to try your lemon cookies. I’m glad to hear you’ll make me some. It’s a deal, then. ;o) Happy Filet Mignon Day!

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