Mmmm, Cheesy

Mondays are typically a pretty busy day for me, so last night as I read a friend’s blog about her crazy Sunday, I kind of knew that I had a similar day in store for me. Getting kids up, dressed, hair done, fed, off to school, home to get myself ready, back to school to volunteer, taking kiddo to dr. appt., returning kiddo back to school, off to bank, get kids from school, take Ian to guitar lesson, grocery store, post office, and air in flat tire with other kids during lesson, pick Ian up from guitar, get youngest from the “other”, home, homework, chores, dinner for kids, clean up dinner, dessert, play, pj’s, and bed. AND exhale.

Thanks to Mr. N’s new work schedule, I find myself playing single mom 4 nights during the week. While there are times that I would love a little break, there are a number of benefits. One of those is easy meals. Kids can be hard to please, but their palates are pretty simple. When we’re on our own, I tend to prepare those menu items that Greg isn’t a fan of but the kids love. Tonight we tried a new thing, at least for me. “Tader Tot Casserole”. Everyone loved it. I, however, am not eating that kind of “stuff” (it DID smell really good). I kind of put my dinner on the back burner and forgot about it until at 9 pm, my growling stomach reminded me that I hadn’t eaten dinner. OR lunch. I was so beat from the busy day that the prospect of fixing myself something to eat felt pretty daunting. This is what I ended up eating.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Yes, it is a chunk of cheese. Pathetic, maybe. But no need to call Adult Social Services. It served it’s purpose… curbing my hunger. Don’t feel too sad for me, most nights I eat much better than this.

This new schedule has required adjustments for our family, but we’re rolling with all of the changes. I’m grateful that, especially in the economy we’re experiencing, my husband has a job. I’m thankful that he is such a dedicated father and husband, and is willing to work hard as well as difficult hours to support us all. It’s sometimes nice to have some one-on-one with the kids, and I LOVE the times when I get one-on-one with Greg. Not having him home every night makes me appreciate the nights he is home that much more.

On paper (or in this case, on the screen), the days can seem to endlessly run into each other, but each day has unique adventures, both welcomed and uninvited. Tomorrow has some similarities to today, and it’s no day of R & R. I volunteer at the school again, and have to run a few errands, etc., but the prospect of playing volleyball with my team, Jackson 5 plus 1, who happen to be made up of some of my most favorite women always makes Tuesdays something I look forward to. BRING IT LADIES!

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