First of the Year

Last night marked the first “Date Night” with one of my kids for 2011. Because of the hectic holiday schedule as well as her illness, Emma’s December date was pushed to January. A new year, and a good time to start fresh on the rotation.

Sometimes the kids have definite ideas about where they want to go on what they want to do on their special night. Unfortunately more often than not, they don’t. As I’ve said before, it’s become increasingly difficult to come up with new ideas of what to do with them. Luckily one idea might last 3 months (3 kids, one date a month, one idea… you get the picture). Emma is the only child who hadn’t been to NickelCade, so when I proposed that as the activities, she jumped on it.

Before we hit the arcade , we ate at Mimi’s Cafe, which is also the place I took the boys on their “double date”. The fact that the kids were awarded (from school) vouchers to there for free meals makes it that much more appealing to me. Emma loved her meal (“Mini Mouse Pancakes & Fruit) , and I enjoyed my salad.

From dinner we went to FYE so that Emma could add to her enormous WebKinz collection. Seriously, after 10, can you even keep track of them and remember their names? Last night’s turkey (named “Turkey Jerky”, although I fought for “Bob”) made 29. Ugh.

NickelCade was just as I remembered… loud, kind of dirty, and a place that kids absolutely LOVE! I learned that Emma is a fan of the games in which you drive, ride, or shoot. An hour was enough time to make me want to leave enjoy the games and get home and get to bed.

All night Emma kept giving me kisses, smiling, and telling me how excited she was because “it’s my date night!”. It’s such a relatively simple thing for me to do for and with them, and they get SO excited about it. Emma is such a smart, funny, beautiful, and sweet girl, and any opportunity for me to spend time with her one-on-one ends up being a good one.

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One Comment on “First of the Year”

  1. erica Says:

    I love that you do this with your kids! Time for me to follow suit. :o)

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